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  1. Columbia Rep says:

    A thoroughly unpleasant individual who makes his decisions based on speculation. He does not review evidence and he does not listen to what the claimant is telling him.

  2. Anonymous says:

    He denied a friend of mine,who almost lost her foot,if any one derserves to be approved she did,after high hopes of being approved,it crushing,because is unable to work and has children,so cannot say I think too highly of him right now,but ask him to review his decision,thanks in advance.

  3. Anonymous says:

    A good judge who reads the record and knows the file well.

  4. Anita P. Stallings says:

    I wanted to take the time to post a Derserved comment toward the Honorable Judge Tracy Daly. In my opinion, he is the most Respectful, Most Understanding Judge, I have ever had the priveledge to deal with. My whole life has changed due to his Compassion and Understanding, where my case was concerened. All my Graditude goes First to GOD, and 2nd to the Honorable Tracy Daly for carrying out Gods work. Thank you for giving my some life back, that I had lost, somewhere along the way.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Judge Daly is exceptionally fair and equitable. His patient, informed style shows a true commitment to impartially considering each case on its full merits. He treats everyone with respect and dignity. He always gives the clients a thorough opportunity to explain their disabling conditions, but he expects you to fully prepare in advance. File a prehearing brief for this ALJ.

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