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  1. I recertified to get my disability back and get out this secret program that almost killed me and my children . I need my money I’m homeless and I didn’t sign up for this I was forced . All my money was federal. She promised and I will not be pushed under the rug. Keep your word I did my part . It’s payout 100percent please I have suffered enough I have no money frost bite toes and hands and been on the streets .

  2. Tyesha Seale says:

    Excuse those 5 stars I was trying to leave “0” .

  3. Tyesha Seale says:

    Well she is black obviously. But also obviously she leans towards the opposite side of the tracks if you understand what I’m saying! Just look at the cases she has denied listed above. And the ones dismissed. This all speaks volumes, Loud and clear. When you’re in a position like this of power, and being a minority race. Sure you’re going to kiss some azz to stay in that position. All while denying people of the same minority or race. This just goes to show you what power will do to you. Just watch the Katt williams interview. And it’s so relatable. I hate when some black people get a little taste of power. Because they start to act differently. And this is the case with this judge. She will most definitely deny you or see your case as “ unfavorable l” even with an attorney. Never forget they all hang out together. They all go to lunches and gatherings together. So they gonna stick together.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Amazing and very thorough!

  5. Diane says:

    Has anyone been to see judge tresie kinnell.What was the experiance.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Anyone know about this Judge.

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