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  1. Maria says:

    I had a good impression , even do he denied my case, I have many health issues people don’t believe I am sick, I wasn’t prepared when I went to court, I should had written all my conditions so when he asked I was prepared, this situation was so stressful I hardly remember my name, he asked about my conditions , I was trying to tell him that all my nerves hurt, I have fybromialgia etc….etc…all I though was he has my medical records why is he asking me??? And I thought does he even believe in Fybromialgia , all the words,I had them in my brain , but I just couldn’t speak, the lawyer didn’t help when he asked besides my back problem what other health problems I have , I wasn’t mentally prepared, I have many health problems , I HATE THAT I HAVE TO PROVE PEOPLE THAT I AM SICK , I AM 48, I BEEN DEALING WITH THIS FOR ALMOST 8 YEARS ….SOME DAYS ARE GOOD SOME DAYS I CAN NOT EVEN MOVE………IF YOU SUFFER FROM FYBROMIALGIA, MIGRAINES, THROMBOSITOSIS, DIABETES, HYPERTENSION, DEPRESSION, ANXIETY, PANIC ATTACKS, ANEMIA,BILATERAL LEG WEAKNES,CHEST PAIN,LUMBAR RADICULOPATHY, MYALGIA, SYNCOPE, BACK PAIN, YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN …… I THINK I SHOULD JUST GIVE UP ON THIS , TOO STRESSFUL………JUDGE WAS JUST DOING HIS JOB , I WAS STUPID NOT TO INFORM MYSELF BEFORE I WENT TO COURT…….

  2. Andrea E. says:

    I am so grateful that the fate of my case landed in the hands of ALJ Troy Silva. His professionalism, fairness and compassion rekindled my faith in the “system” when I thought that was no longer possible.

    I was most impressed by his discernment in reviewing my case file (that was filed 6 years ago). I feared that after all these years a favorable decision was not going to happen. It was no so much my lack of faith in the SSA, but rather in my attorney, Dr Bill LaTour, who was supposed to be representing me in my claim.

    His office was extremely negligent, sloppy, uncommunicative and unprofessional with my case. It was difficult and at times impossible to get a return call, medical records were lost or not turned in, his representatives were rude and unprofessional, etc. His office is ran like a puppy mill. His clients are just another digit on his paycheck in my experience.

    ALJ Troy Silva was able to look beyond that and focus primarily on my disability, which saved me from a denial of benefits due to incompetencies of my own representative. I cant explain how saved I felt during my hearing when I suddenly realized that Judge Silva could sift thru it all and see my case clearly and now he was going to step in and handle my case how it should have been from the beginning.

    Thank you Judge Silva. You are a fair, intelligent, patient and discerning man and our society is blessed to be judged by someone like you!

    Andrea E.

  3. Relieved in Redlands says:

    My high rating is due to receiving Judge Silva’s favorable decision though it was unexpected.
    The SSA is a wonderful institution which grants me the fortune of their assistance. Yet, their processes are intimidating and, in recent years, have resulted in diminished security for individuals of need. Consequently, I suffered severe anxiety when the SSA noticed me of an over-payment issue and had a dismal outlook about my hearing.
    With the help of Legal Aid, I presented my case honestly and Judge Silva was fair and compassionate. His decision offered me relief for which I am profoundly grateful.
    The world would be a better place if other judges aspired to be like Judge Silva!

  4. Taz says:

    Awful judge. Doesn’t think straight sometimes. Doesn’t understand limitations too. However, there are worse judges than him so he’s just okay.

  5. Anonymous says:

    He is a nice judge but he is extremely thorough with his cases and so you want to make sure that you know the record well because he will ask you questions about it. He will listen to your argumenst but you kind of know what he is leaning toward at the hearing. Doesnt require a brief or anything. One more thing, make sure you have all of your records and if you dont he will ask why you dont have them especially if they are older records.

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