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  1. Adrain Dykstra Hurst says:

    First hearing he states he will decide in my favor if my attorney can get him evidence of gut troubles for more than 10 years, so we provided colonoscopy from 2001. Wait over 2 years and judge admits my hearing delay was due to,an error in his office and then advises my attorney he will decide in my favor if just one of my 26 doctors has documented my restroom habits. 5 months later I am having heart problems that I don’t see a positive recovery from. His discriminating against me based on age is unacceptable. I did not ask to be this sick and dying, and had I realized I was disabled I would have filed for the long term disability I paid into for 17 years. This is not charity, I worked for this disability, and worked hard as an eyeball nurse. The system fails due to lack of competence!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Most entertaining ALJ I’ve practiced in front of…drives VE’s, ME’s and case record typists crazy with his marathon 2 hour hearings…but he gives everyone present a chance to have their say and does it respectfully and professionally…

  3. James says:

    Judge Honeycutt likes to have an ME at all of his hearings. He likes to ask questions of EVERYONE before he allows you to ask questions, but he is not aggressive about it. Keep your questions in mind, and he will give you a fair opportunity. I have found him to be fair and thorough with his questioning.

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