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  1. Anonymous says:

    Judge McGinn is a very astute person. During my ALJ hearing, he was able to see beyond what was indicated in my medical documents. I’m sure that throughout his many years of practice, he has witnessed all types of people, disabilities, stories, and has seen endless medical reports. If you go before Judge McGinn, just make sure that all of your evidence is consistent throughout your medical records and that you take whatever steps necessary, to follow your medical providers’ advice with the treatment that relates to your condition/s. Also, be honest and tell your story, exactly as it is. If you follow all of this advice, you will likely receive a favorable decision. It was clear to me at my hearing that Judge McGinn is human before anything else, and makes each of his decisions based on facts, and not for the purpose of satisying any potential government approval limits. I understand that unfortunately, some of the other judges can be unfair and have peculiar personalities. I feel that the AL judges with less than a 50% approval rate should have their processes reviewed to ensure they are following appropriate protocol when deciding SSDI cases, so that all SSDI applicants receive a fair hearing. I also suggest you obtain attorney representation because if you find a reputable one, as I did, they make the entire SSDI application process so much easier to navigate.

  2. Truth teller says:

    This judge ignores medical evidence, ignores treating physicians, ignores objective medical evidence such as CT scans and MRI imaging, seizes on outdated medical evidence such as outdated MRI results, chooses to cherry pick medical diagnoses while ignoring others in your medical file, he will ignore multiple SSR rules and contradict him self in denials such as stating you have a specific severe medical condition then state you do not meet a listing, he will discredit your doctor and choose to ignore his medical files which is objective medical evidence and can NOT be overlooked, he will make multiple errors in denials which can easily be remanded by federal judges, he will rush your hearing and interrupt you if you try to name off your impairments because he wishes to ignore specific ones, be watchful if you have this judge he is highly deceptive and if you have a lawyer make sure he blunders him with your objective medical information and if your denied look for his contradictions and erroneous errors because he will make them, just be sure to drag the hearing out as long as possible because with evidence and don’t allow him to silence you because most likely his mind is made up before you even arrive, tell your attorney to be well prepared and bombard him with objective evidence on the record making it more difficult for him as possible.

  3. Brian says:

    The man is not humane. Only deals with attorneys. Does not believe a person cannot state his case even with solid medical support. Very abnormal approvals with “his” cousolers present. Makes ya wonder if he might open a few too many envelopes. Facts are useless. This dudes mind is made up before you arrive. Maybe he spends too much time in the salt air at bonnet shores. Retire you old codger.

  4. Anonymous says:

    This man completely pre-judges cases and is harsh and close minded. I am appalled at the lack of compassion and willingness to look at a case impartially. As a human I am deeply disturbed this man is making decisions that impact lives. All medical advice indicated and advised the severity of this case yet he argued and dismissed the medical opinions. I’m still in shock at the lack of respect for even the medical community this man has.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I have been suffering from Mental Illness for most of my adult life But within the last 4 years it has taken over rendered me unable to work or simply do most normal day to day activities. I have a Wife and two young children 5 and 12 years. I finally applied for SSDI 2.5 years ago. Since then We have lost many things Our Home Our Car Etc. After reading how so many people are denied by most Judges when their case is Mental! I figured I didn’t even have a chance,And sunk further into Depression Wondering how my Family would survive? I had my Hearing last January and I am so glad (after seeing the denial ratings of each Judge)That I had Judge McGinn! Unlike the rest He Truly listened and really seemed to care. I recently received a “Fully Favorable Decision” Thank You Judge Mcginn

  6. glenn.d says:

    this man was very interested in what was being said,and he took into account all the evidence provided by my attorney.all this evidence was submitted the first time around and was denied.NOTHING HAD CHANGED..so yes it depends on the judge you get.very astute listener and goes by the evidence.thanks mr.mcginn

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