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  1. Anonymous says:

    Good judge. He asked a lot of questions at the hearing but I just got a favorable decision and think that he is fare.

  2. Anonymous says:

    This judge doesn’t care what happens to people with mental health diagnosis. He twists everything so he can deny you. He has a very high denial rate. He needs to try to get SSD so he can go thru the hell the SSD puts people thru. I have now been denied five times. They don’t take into account what the vocational expert says. Why waste taxpayer money on the VE if this judge doesn’t listen to them. He also must like people with mental health disabilities. He must think everyone who has that diagnosis is not credible. I’d like him to try to get SSD. The entire system is flawed from your first filing to the appeals council you don’t get a fair shot at getting SSD unless you are obese, alcoholic or a drug addict. He needs to retire from the bench or show some compassion for what the claiments are going thru. I hope he doesn’t stay in Portland very long he needs to go back to Texas or California this man has way to much power and he screws people what is rightfully yours.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Judge Vadim Mozyrsky, he should be fired. He denies claims saying that your not credible and your doctor and therapist are not credible also. He needs to be disbarred. I called my Senators office and they were upset also. I am trying to get my SSD again. I have already been denied again. My attorney and the guy reviewing my case didn’t get my medical records. The determination guy only went by the denial I got the first time I called. He contacted people I have never had anything to do with. My attorney didn’t do there job either. SSD didn’t recognize who my attorney was until after they made my decision. I’ve had to get my own medical records for my appeal. I am not very happy. I think the guy in the determination depart need to be fired. When I was working I would never be allowed to do a half a**ed job.

  4. Anonymous says:

    This judge needs to try and get SSD himself and try to live in poverty and almost homeless. He is very arrogant doesn’t care about people with mental disabilities or medical disabilities. I’ve been trying for over three years and have been denied 3 times. I’m now appealing his decision. He told me that my doctors and I where not credible. The ‘VE said I couldn’t do my previous jobs but, I could detail cars, hospital housekeeper or a yard maintenance. I’m 54 years old. Get off your bench and do those jobs yourself!

  5. Anonymous says:

    I feel that he does not care about people with mental health issues. He said that I wasn’t credible he also said this about my regular Dr. My file was reviewed by doctors I have never seen in my life. The ‘VE said I couldn’t do any of my previous jobs and my skills where not tranferrible. Was told I could do jobs I know nothing about. I’m over 53 so my age wasn’t taken into consideration. He’s not a fair judge.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Judge Mozyrsky twists your answers to fit a denial. He is not qualified to read my x rays but never states who did. Accused all medical and mental health practitioners and myself of lying, exaggerating and being manipulative.I He gives you every chance to explain yourself but your not going to prove yourself unless you have a good lawyer. Be educated about you own case and confident. I was terrified and under so much mental and emotional turmoil that I barely remember anything.
    I know I could have given direct answers to his questions. Being vague and not specific enough gives them an opportunity to guess at your claimed disability. It also doesn’t seem to matter what the Vocational expert says so why do they even bother with them? Judge does not take onto consideration your documents but that of his own medical staffs opinion, again he never mentions who they are. The Judges medical staff never examined, evaluated, met or even spoke to me. So if my Dr’s, the x rays and myself are lying what chance do we have? Judge I understand it’s your job to sort out the undeserving but you are so wrong in many of your cases. I’m not willing to lose everything I have including a roof over my head just to get disability, apparently you must think I would. Please use a little more compassion.

  7. Anonymous says:

    I give it his judge 0 stars. I am 50 years old and I haven’t worked since 2010. I am single and my 12 year old autistic son lives with me. We live on $733 per month plus food stamps. I went before him in November 2014 in Portland Oregon. My lawyer was very happy be ause the doctors all agreed except one that I don’t even remember seeing (this includes three of Ssd doctors). The vocational expert agreed and said I could not be gainfully employed. When I received my denial letter and read the absolute garbage this guy stated as fact I couldn’t believe that it was real. My lawyer sent in my appeal that same week. He decided that I could be employed as a bank monitor watcher even after the expert said no to that very job. Did you know there are three jobs in the entire state of Oregon for a bank monitor watcher? He said that since I was able to smoke that my hands are in fact not disabled. He took things that were written in my records by my specialist totally out of context and didn’t ask me anything about them during my hearing. He said I refused to follow his orders about physical therapy. Totally not true. My insurance does not cover it! My doctor in fact wrote that it would help and there was a request made and denied. He said I have a boyfriend to take care of me. What has that got to do with my disability? Not to mention that is 100% untrue. He said since I was able to smoke my hands aren’t in fact disabled. What? There are over 50 mistakes and lies in his findings. Now I am still 9 months away from another shot, but it will NOT be in front of this person! I am requesting a new judge this week!

  8. Anonymous says:

    I’m not sure how to rate this judge. I agree with what others have said, he was professional and courteous during the hearing. On the other hand, he asked some really hard questions about things I didn’t know my doctors said. I’m not sure if I won my case or not.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Fair judge. He knew my medical record and was polite. I got a chance to say everything I wanted to say. I’m not do sure about the vocational expert who said I could work as a hand packager. I don’t know what that is.

  10. Anonymous says:

    This judge is very professional, kind and courteous. He will let you explain yourself to the fullest, but also ask the appropriate questions as well. Make sure you have all medical records to back up your testimony. Because if not he will see right through you, his numbers can contest to that. Again if you don’t have the medical records to back up your statement, I suggest you don’t waste his time or your time……..

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