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  1. Wake up says:

    I work 5 days a week over full time employment even though im truely not able to do it. Most my days are miserable and I barely make it through. There are times i feel i can’t make one more step and i stand still to wait for it all to pass. The lawyers, judges, and doctors pass by and i serve them with what i can make of a smile before turning to feel my body crumple and want to colapse. Sometimes i dig the change out of my console to afford a hot dog for lunch. Meanwhile they drive off in their corvettes and Mercedes. I was born with a condition that can never be cured and i have limitations to every waking day and yet it’s to much to ask that i enjoy my life in peace in the comfort of the place i call home. Just like the begger at the gates they pass me by without a care. So often judged by a mistake that i make or yelled at for some little thing that makes thier day less than perfect. Are these the people who say years of being ill and being stronger than they ever could be that you will be denied disability. If only people had the understanding and compasion and knew when to use it and how to use it this world could be a better place but often times i see that the more important thing is the car they drive, the house they live in, or the money they bring home which will all perish.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Valerie, contact Mark Hobbs on 3046871685.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I really hope the judges can sleep at night and Pray one day they will be in our shoes some day and be denied time after time, it’s been 6 years since I applied got denied the first 3 appealed it got denied again , I have applied for jobs just to be not called do to my back and I’m considered high risk and no employer will hire me but the social security says I can work I would give it a try if someone would hire me but yet I continue to get denied, I cannot do another 3 years waiting , I will live the best I can without what I rightfully paid in to not get . It’s isn’t any wonder why people get divorced, or just live together had I been a liar or deadbeat looking for a hand out they would approved me the first Time I will not lie to get what I paid in to get being I can’t work. It’s no wonder there more and more people not working it doesn’t pay to work because the non working person always gets approved for SSI the working person always gets denied

  4. JJ says:

    It wasn’t to be talking down on the judge. I just speak the truth that’s what type of person I am. I have the right and I never post comments but I’m just fed up. Sorry. I just hope that it was her decision and nobody else’s cause I felt that it was a friendship with a doctor or 2. I just hope and pray that my new judge is fair. Not saying it wasn’t a fair hearing but all I’m saying is that it was a rough 3 yrs and I can’t do it again. I don’t know if they don’t like you to receive your back pay or what.

  5. christie m. cregger says:

    I really to have my hearing moved up right now I am not even scheduled
    because you are booked through November. My family is really struggling
    because my husband had to take a lower paying job. Which is keeping
    me more stressed which means more migraines & my depression
    even worse. All I am asking to please move my case up before November
    it would help take a lot of stress off of my husband, my self & even
    my kids.I would greatly appreciate it. If I was able to work I would I loved
    working. But I can’t, & right now we can’t make it on my husband’ s
    income & he is looking for a second job. So we r trying.

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