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  1. Anonymous says:

    This lady denied my daughter’s case….My daughter has been disabled for over 15 years…She received her disability ever since she was 3 months old…She was born with a multicystic kidney disease which cause her to have several misfunction in her body….My daughter has high blood pressure that is not normal in a 15 year old….She has constantly constipation which causes her pain and also she urinates on herself during school hours….My daughter has to constantly see Doctors in Pensacola Florida due to her kidney disease…My daughter benefits was cut off December 1 2019….Which they sent the letter to the wrong address in October 1….They have the correct address in the system….I could not Ask for continue of benefits because of this error this judge made….My daughter can not receive care as needed because her benefits was all we had…I don’t understand all my daughter medical problems that she cut my daughter off over 15 years….My daughter also have severe panic attacks and start receiving treatment from a counselor.Her situation will never go away ,she was born this way…she will always have treatment due to her multicystic kidney disease…She was born with one kidney….Kidneys release bodily waste from your body….Due to she can not release some of those bodily chemicals…she has several UTI and bladder infection….And with her constant constipation she is on 3 different medications….Her kidney also making feel sick where she has to lay down…People who was born with two kidneys was blessed and may never experience what my daughter has been through and going through now….Thanks to this judge here who considered my daughter is not disable ..and sending information and the decision to the wrong address ..Thank you for taking the time to stop her money so it will make it even harder to get treatment for her….We live over 100 miles where she receives treatment …God has my daughter and she will be taken care of…People like this judge here thinks they will always have their health….God can change anything….You never know the same decision you made on my daughter …you might will have to face one day…I just pray my daughter lives…..Thanks for your decision.

  2. Kim says:

    I thought she was kind, considerate, and a compassionate human..she listened, and actually cares about the person sitting in front of her…no matter what my husbands outcome, I know she really listened…excellent person…

  3. Anonymous says:

    She rocks. But,don’t lie to her, otherwise she will turn onyou.

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