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  1. Anonymous says:

    Not impartial.
    Does not decide cases or make judgments on evidence or on law.
    Not a good judge.

  2. Mister E says:

    Wow. The guy who posted on here needs to take an online English course. It literally took me twice the time that it should have to read this. You sir or ma’am need to pick up a book and at least make yourself better so that others don’t look at you in pity. I hope you all the very best in whatever it is you do, and remember, blaming others for your misfortune doesn’t solve your current situation.
    Mr. E

  3. Anonymous says:

    U no its funy how yaw wcrewd me ovr wit disability change n things on me waste n my time & gas yaw couldve told me to strt wit dat once i seen da judge i couldnt get a lawyr but no yaw couldnt do dat yaw had to b buttholes den da gov. Changes things & thy dnt have to have a reason thy jus do it den i got to xplain myself to yaw y i couldnt make it to strt wit i dnt have to xplain **** to da gov. Or da judge yaw screwd me ovr dats all dat counts na i wnt apply for it again but yaw let all these dam dead beats ****** get it & dnt need it i need it & cnt get it lol wat a dam joke i gues da gov. ****** up worse den yaw thougt jus figure id xpress my opion so its *** evr now & da judge mr. Hill he couldve said sumthn but he didnt yea im pisd but wat ***. Does it make da gov. & mr. Hill r all crooked

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