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  1. Anonymous says:

    Vincent is a thoroughly knowledgeable alj. He reads the file before your hearing. He consults with the lawyer and VE DURING THE HEARING. All my medical evidence was there. He changed my onset date. He swore me in and asked a few questions. The VE replied No to jobs out there for me. Hearing was short and he knew my case before I walked into the roo. And I am pretty sure before I left he knew his decision.
    He is a real huma. Being with respect to other human beings and follows the rules of his job. Great judge

  2. Stacey Jones says:

    I love the judge compassion for others! He is respectful and nice! He has a huge heart and will listen to what you have to say! God know what he was doing when he bless judge Vincent to my daughter Tatyana case!

  3. Charlotte Barnes says:

    I pray Judge Intoccoa see this post. My sick sister (Cherrie Stinson) had her hearing on August 19, 2015. The Judge told her she would know his decision within 8 weeks. Today is Ovtober 22, 2015 and she still doesn’t know anything. She has triplet boys (ages 9) and they have recieved an eviction notice from public housing. Her lights will be turned off next week. I’m really worried about her severe health and her poor mental state!! Someone PLEASE help!!

  4. Anonymous says:

    i saw the judge in april, this is almost august i dont know what my decision was because they wont say they keep saying it is with a writer… i have been waiting since 2012 this is almost two years of life on hold and hurry up and wait, smh.. why does it takes so long in depressed and frustrated… overall the judge seem very sensible but y does it takes so long for decision?

  5. Melissa Melendy says:

    He was a very proffessional judge in my opinion. and very respectful in his questions and demeanor. He gave fair opportunity to voice my side. I will be confident with his decision. Thumbs up!

  6. Anonymous says:

    Judge is by far the best ALJ at the ODAR in Montgomery. He reviews – better said – he READS his cases before a hearing. If a case meets the standards of the law, he approves the case without a hearing. He appreciates a well prepared case and a brief. Distinguished in the conduct of a hearing. Projects impartiality. If he denies a case – I do not appeal – I am confident he has fairly studied the case and strictly uses law, regs, SSR’s policy – So, know the law before you go in his hearing.

  7. martin cortez says:

    You rock vince was just thinkin of you

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