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  1. Evon Genice Stevenson Walker says:

    I had a hearing on September the 9th 2019, and I’ve been disabled since 2008 and became totally disabled in 2012 and inspite of the medical evidence and the conclusions of the employment specialist that stated that I could not work even on a menial job Miss Virginia Robinson took it upon her ownself to remove evidence from the record and set aside the judgement and therefore took it upon herself to deny my claim. I feel that she is a perjuice impartial biased racist person who has no compassion aand or forethought for anyone she feels as if she is the, jury and executioner. I’m really wondering how many people she’s actually done this too this judge needs to be investigated and a complaint brought before the ethics and judicial committee. I for one will proceed as such bc she clue of what my daily life or routine is like nor does know the pain and difficulty that I’ve had to deal with since I have been deemed disabled. If anyone else has had issues with this judge please email me so that we can file a class action lawsuit against her with respect to her unwarranted actions and unnecessary decisions made even when medical professionals and the evidence has back such claim.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Judge Robinson is statistically the worst judge in WA. My original attorney quit when she found out who the hearing judge would be. All these lawyers play the odds. They have to win a certain percentage of cases and collect their maximum fee out of it to make it worth their while. My attorney, and others I’ve heard about, don’t see the odds in their favor in Judge Robinson’s court room so they quit the case. In my case one of the factors in my disability stems from a back condition called kyphosis. In exaggerated cases it’s what’s known as a hunchback. The condition causes me a lot of pain and mobility problems. The employment specialist at the hearing decided I could work as an industrial cleaner and Judge Robinson bought that statement hook line and sinker. Seriously? An industrial cleaner? Do these idiots have any idea what that job entails? It’s usually a hard physical labor job. Maybe Judge Robinson would have better stats if she weren’t an idiot.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I went before this judge today and she seemed to be a very nice woman. I can only just pray that she sees the truth and rules in my favor. I am a broken man from head to toe and I can only hope the system works the way it’s supposed to. After all these years I’ve been working full-time so hard on my body since my early teens. I Won’t Give Up if she rules against me I will appeal and continue this fight. It’s been a long few years and I hope this social security legal stuff that weighs so heavy on me goes away and I can focus on my deteariating health. Im always in pain. Everyone, please say a prayer for me I need it. Thank you

  4. Anonymous says:

    On January 15, 2014 I had a hearing with this woman. First thing out of her mouth was ” I see you are a dog breeder”. I am going to make a long story short. I had gone in front of Judge Adams who brought it up because of an old face book page (had one litter). He denied me, and we refiled a new claim that was not suppose to be used, but she used it anyway. So when those words came out of her mouth, my Attorney’s jaw dropped. So we finished up with the vocational woman saying that I could be a waitress. ( 10 lb weight limit, can’t walk more that 10 minutes without a lot of pain). Then again back to the old case, and she said that I was 49 when I started this process, I am going to be 55 this year. She did this on purpose. My attorney filed for an appeal which should be coming up soon. He said that she committed reversible error by going outside the period at issueand cites testimony and documentary evidence from the previous decision to buttress the current decision, completing ignoring black letter law of res judicata and thereby committing reversible error. This is just a couple of things that happened, there is about 6 in total that she messed up. I have stated nothing but the truth in this statement, and have records to prove it. I see people on judge judy all the time on SSDI and they get it for the stupidest things! I have many issues and it’s just not right.

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