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  1. Anonymous says:

    Judge Jewell did not use the correct information in making his decision on my SGA appeal. He used the incorrect year of earnings, my job title was incorrect and he did not consider all employees are disabled who work for my employer.
    If the correct information was considered, I know the outcome of the decision would have been favorable to me.
    Although his demeanor was very nice, his decision was based on the incorrect facts

  2. elizabeth H says:

    I think that he was a fair judge.I don’t know the outcome of my hearing yet.My attorney was very incompitaint.He didn’t even know what I got diagnosed with and wouldn’t tell the judge about the 25 plus medications Im on and the side effect of those medications.I don’t see how someone spends there day taking pills from the time they get up till they go to bed and don’t supper side effects.i am nausea from morning till night and over half my medications cause drowsiness.I hope that they judge seen that my lawyer did not present my case in the right fashion.i am so so upset.

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