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  1. Muzz says:

    Great job, Edison !

  2. Claudia Jessica Frier says:

    So he decided to deny me KEEPING my ssid stating my mental and physical impairments have improved. I’m sorry, you graduated from which medical school? You said o don’t have a.diagnosis of fibromyalgia, look at my file when I was first fully favorable in 2009!!!!! I can’t take new medications, they make me suicidal. You didn’t have all of my medical records from the past 3 1/2 years even though the CD I was given plainly had my doctors information on it you just never got it and made your decision based on that. My doc had faxed it SEVERAL TIMES and also called numerous time to make sure you go it but no one would ever answer the phone or return the calls when they left messages asking you to. 2 herniated discs, fibromyalgia, cyclothmia major depression disorder, general anxiety, agorophobia, insomnia, daily mihraines, bone spirs, scoliosis, disc space narrowing, degenerating disc disease, diabetes mellitus, neuropathy….. yet you claimed all of my conditions have “improved”. I didn’t have half these when I first got supplemental security!!! You were pissy as soon as I walked in, the “vocational expert” was old enough to be my great grandmother and she kept falling asleep during the hearing!!!! I lnow uour name and I’m almost positive I’ve been before you before which if that’s the case you broke the law by seeing me again. I have appealed your decision. Get my files from my doctors. You gave the doctors files you did have little to no weight, you gave ssi docs little to no weight. So how the hell are you qualified to make medical decisions?? You’re not. Just because I’m currently 37 year old that doesn’t me I can work or that my body miraculously repaired itself. You sir are a joke. You penalize me for not having representation when no one would take my case because I continue to have my benefits come to me while waiting to see you, you penalized me for going to my doctors and taking my medications as prescribed, had I not been taking my medications as prescribed and not seen my doctors as ordered you would have penalized me then. There is no winning with you you had no business seeing my case for a second or third time and my next lawyer I get I will mention a lawsuit against you for what you have done.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I live out of state but was born and raised in MS. Judge Weakly just denied a family member. This family member has a trach in due to throat cancer treatment. He also just had bladder removed due to cancer. But Weakley said no he can work. Seriously! Has been trying to get SSI for 3 yes I said 3 years to get help and to no avail! I will be filing a grievance with the state bar against him.
    Some day Judge you will be held accountable for your injustices!

  4. Anonymous says:

    This judge apparently had already made a decision before my hearing began. The first question asked was if I had a representative? Why should that matter if you are honest about your claim? He was also surprised at the types and amount of medications I was taking on a daily basis, all of which are prescribed by a physician. Why was I not examined by a physician of the SSDA who only read my report and a decesion was made on that opinion. I feel the decesion was made on my case was biased and prejudicial. Apparently working all your life, paying in, and now not being able to receive what is rightfully yours doesn’t work. Shame on you and the entire system.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Judge Weakley is generally pleasant. Will usually ask if the medical is up to date. If you have significant medical that is not in the file you might well get a postponement until such time as it is in the file and you will get dressed down in front of your client. He will usually ask for an opening statement/theory of the case. He will do fairly thorough questioning of the claimant himself. Usually schedules hearings for about 45 min and don’t be surprised if he’s ready early. In addition to being a lawyer he has a background in mechanical engineering.

  6. Ashley says:

    This man here is a very good Judge. Got to have all your documents in order for him….

  7. Anonymous says:

    This is a very fair Judge but he expects you to have your case prepared.
    He is willing to listen as long as the Medical Documentation is there.

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