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  1. Paul says:

    I had my hearing 1/31/2023… I found the judge to be willing to listen to me and my attorney about all evidence and facts, he had already read everything and told me things in my file therefore I know he was familiar with evidence.. At end of hearing he told me he would get his decision to me ASAP, which he did within 2 weeks.. I agree with an earlier post that just because his approval rate was around 23%, he is very fair and if you are honest with your answers and don’t try to exaggerate symptoms and problems you will have a better chance.. They know your medical records and know if you are lying or exaggerating.. No need to fear this judge if you are honest I’m your case..

  2. Will says:

    just had a ssdi case before alj Hellum and although his approval rate is lower than average my case was approved 6 days after the hearing. I think if you have the proper evidence it doesnt matter what judge you have. i also believe you must be honest and not try to over embellish your position they can see right through that

  3. Steve says:

    This guy wants to make sure nobody gets the help they deserve my case was denied by this man and when I received my letter the reasons were nothing to do with my case so I don’t know if they got cases Cross or what.. I’ve heard somebody else was in front of this man and they were on their deathbed and still got denied. I meant three disability listings and so did not get approved seems to me this judge is not following the law

  4. Kip says:

    How is it that this biased judge isn’t being investigated. He just sucks with his 21 percent approval rating in 2019. What? The state average is almost 60 Percent!! That’s a complete joke. He is destroying any hope that people have left in the system. This man is sending honest and truly disabled people to the streets. I wish nothing but redemption on this guy.
    It’s just incredibly unfair and unjust that you lose your case that is solid with medical evidence, medical history and undeniable VE testimony when most other judges will approve your case.
    The disability process is broken. It just comes down to the judge you get. Most are fair and play by the rules, but when you get a guy like this who decides your life with such low regard, it’s unjust.
    What a horrible experience I had with his man. 20 percent….while other judges are 45 percent, 55 percent, 65 percent. And so on. I am just disgusted. get this unfair judge off the bench. I will be filing a complaint

  5. Jr says:

    This judge has a 23% approval rate for 2019. The second lowest in the whole state. It’s not a shock that I got denied.
    Incredibly strong case with a solid paper trail of medical evidence, psychiatrist reports and documentation.
    Just forget about it getting approved by this guy unless you are blind and have no legs God forbid.
    What a joke this judge is

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