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  1. Susan Rudd says:

    Judge Lassiter is the last judge I went before in March 2016. He told me in court, I would get his decision around May 2016. I got a letter the end of December 2016 stating I had to go before yet another judge.

    I felt like he was condescending and prejudiced against me because I didn’t have a lawyer. I had the best lawyer (a lady at ODAR said so), but she didn’t win my case the first time, and since that time, I have emailed her office, I have called, and begged them for one more appointment because I have a lot more medical documentation than I had when I went before Judge Helmer. I get absolutely no response. I sure won’t recommend her to anyone. I feel like I have done more work on my case than she did.

    After I got no response from her office after repeated attempts, I contacted another disability lawyer. Her receptionist asked me some questions, and told me they would have to be on my case for a year before another hearing. I don’t feel I can hold out that long.

    As for Lassiter, plain and simple, he was an ***. As stated previously, he was condescending, and a total *** to me. It was apparent he did not like me, and I most certainly did not like him. I really don’t even feel he warrants the one star. A judge shouldn’t be biased. They should be fair. He most certainly is not that!

    I understand he is ex-military. I do thank him for his service to our country.

  2. Teddy pritchett says:

    I grew up with Walter. He was always an *******!!! He was then, and obviously the that hasnt changed one bit!! He is a little older than me. I was friends with his little brother. When he came home on pass from the military, he would frown down at us. He treated us very poorly!! Instead of imparting wisdom on us, he merely frowned down at us! He will ALWAYS be a “Uncle Tom”, in my book!!

  3. aw says:

    Do not know what my cases outcome will be, however these judges should really think about what all people must go through, hardships, pain and suffering, before they appear before them. I was on disability from age 22-27. I was awarded my disability without having to appeal, the FIRST time i applied. Disability did a “review” and in their opinion, i was magically better, so my benefits stopped. I have fought that decision to no avail, i lost. I have reapplied, secured an attorney, and i have went to my odar hearing with judge Walter Lassiter. My attorney even cringed at this judge! She wanted me to concede my case and simply reapply! She did not want to have to go before this judge at all. I haven’t came this far for nothing! The VE, Judge both agreed that i can never be “a contributing member of the workforce” and despite Ssa doctors giving ssa the report that i cannot work, i was STILL denied, which is what has brought me to this waiting period. All i can do is grit my teeth and pray for the best. After all, i have 10+ years of social security’s doctors records that concur…..I’m mentally disabled…..stop fighting me ssa

  4. JM says:

    One word – HORRIBLE!!! He treated me with no respect and acted as if I were lying to him despite the fact that all of my medical records supported my conditions. After I refiled and got a competent Judge, I was approved WITHOUT going to court!!! Speaks volumes!!

  5. Jennie says:

    Judge Lassiter, I hadn’t heard about how tough you were. I was so nervous because I’d been denied many times before. But you couldn’t have been any nicer, more respectful, or compassionate. What people say is true, you are tough and to the point and let us not talk about your poker face…lol. You listen, you read, then you question and wead out the bs but you want what’s best for the claimant. Thank you for your approval!!

  6. Anonymous says:

    Is there a NEGATIVE RATING????

    The only reasonable thing a Claimant and/or a Representative can ask for in a Disability Hearing is that the ALJ be fair – Lassiter is NOT fair. As a matter of fact, he has admitted (off the record, of course) that he ‘does not believe in the system’ and that he desires to be the lowest paying ALJ. This attitude begs the question, WHY are you behind the bench? When you accepted the job, you knew it was to the a disability ALJ not a District Court Judge (Criminal or Civil) – so…if you are this disgruntled, PLEASE do everyone a favor, including yourself, and do something else!!! Good Bye and Good Luck!

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