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  1. Boss Mack says:

    I am so thankful to God for blessing me to have Judge Wanda L. Wright as my Judge for my Disability case! She is a very compassionate, loving, kind, and caring Judge. She was patient with me listened to me. She reviewed all of my records even the old cases I lost. Which she stated that I shouldn’t have lost in so many words! I won’t say who denied me just because he had the power to! She pointed out good evidence that he mishandled me and my case and that what he stated holds not weight and the others that had a say so I guess doctors. Anyways all the pain and suffering abuse I went thought for so long, Justice was served for me as Judge Wanda L Wright being my Judge for my case. I wish I could hug her and thank her for doing such a great incredible job. She helped made my life so much better for me and saved me in so many ways words can’t express how truly thankful I am. It’s still good people out here who truly do love they job and do right by the books and people who qualify for what they worked hard for and health condition. Jan 7, 2022 was the truly the Best day of my life. Thanks Judge you truly Rock yours truly Ms.Mack

  2. Chris Broady says:

    Judge Wanda Wright is a very inconsiderate judge.She talks to you so nice only to deny you without good cause.She seems to be out of touch with reality of the hardships ppl have.In my opinion KARMA will eventually catch up with her.This is not personal. This is fact.It is just ridiculous to go along with the narrative when in fact ppl deserve their benefits.But don’t worry we all will have to stand before God and give an account of our life’s review.Period

  3. Rickie Cole says:

    This is Mister Ricky Cole trying to reach message judge wright about a social security claim you can reach me at 919-236-7320 thank you Ricky c o l e

  4. Rickie Cole says:

    This is Ricky cold trying to reach mrs. Wright about a social security plan you can reach me back at 919-236-7320 thank you Ricky Cole

  5. Rickie Cole says:

    This is Ricky cold trying to make let’s judge write about a social security claim you can reach me back at 919-236-7320 thank you miss right

  6. Anonymous says:

    Ms Wright took everything I said at the hearing and my medical records and cut it up and place it back together just to be able to find in her favor and then left out the most important part which was x-rays and MRI go figure. It’s really bad that these guys get to play GOD over our life, we work hard tear our bodies up just trying to make a living for us and our family and be under paid only to find out that this happens it is just devastating , we all want her salary and be able to cheat someone of something that really is their’s they paid into the whole time they work, I hope someone see this and investigates
    What is going on she clearly cut everything up and spiced it back together so she could deni me, this can’t be legal something needs to be done, there is 172000.00 a year reasons why we deserve better.

  7. Thomas Hockaday says:

    For some reason, I was a bit nervous, as if I was in a criminal trial! That was very usual for me! But my lawyer presented my medical condition very well and Judge Wright seem to be a very kind and compassionate Judge! Afterward my attorney said to me, “You did OK!” I am trusting the LORD that I will be awarded my benefits! At almost 61 years of age with two bad knees, lower back pain carpal tunnel and arthritis, there is no way I could ever return to doing the hard labor like Landscape Maintenance, installing draperies, and installing auto chrome, etc!

  8. Anonymous says:

    I appeared before Judge Wright in Raleigh (2015). The one thing she did that left a lasting impression on me until this day is she truly listens with both a compassionate and an understanding ear. This is such a rare quality seen inside courtrooms, social services and medical professions. She looks at the hard medical facts and weight them against mere medical opinions offered by State medical examiners who see you once in a lifetime and attempt to have your claims denied. I respect this Judge immensely.

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