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  1. Ms.Willis says:

    This judge was horrible the decision letter he wrote was unfavorable and down right evil and heartless he look everything I said positive and used it against me he took bits and pieces out to use against me I know and my family knows how sick I am in that letter he basically tired to make me seem as if I was lieing he also didnt give a damn about my aunt testimony yes I am young yes I am smart but that doesn’t mean I am not sick mentally and physically and he also brought up something that was the worse time in my life and made it seem like I just wanted attention and everything I told my psychologist he used against me this is a evil man and he just do not give a damn about anything just because I can get my own groceries I can interact with strangers that doesn’t make sense he has no idea how bad my anxiety is and how it has kept me from living a normal life even graduating in a normal way and how sick I am physically he didnt mention anything that would help my case I know there are hateful people in the world but lord I never imagined this pray for me.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Judge King and the hearing was a sham. Social Security sent me to several of the doctors of their choice who all said I was disabled. Judge King had a doctor come to testify against me that had never seen me or examined me and the judge ruled against me based upon his testimony. My attorney was not even allowed to question the doctor. Judge King is not interested in doing what is just, fair, and right, he is only interested in putting another denial under his belt. I believe God will someday judge him as unfairly and harshly as he has judged others.

  3. Anonymous says:

    ******of a judge. He’s a joke & seems to only care about denials!

  4. Jack Lee Jones, Jr. says:

    My decision was not favorable. As for the judge like us all will answer for his insecure decision making. Very much a stickler and didn’t seem to care of my praise for the Dr.’s great accomplishments. As such dismissed her concern of my continued therapy in the decision paperwork he mentioned my medication..while she mentioned therapy. Yet was a stickler about getting it “right”. FAIL. But I love life and fruitful lanes so I’m looking forward to this new chapter of my life. Godspeed. Jack

  5. Anonymous says:

    I have been before him three times. Even though the appeals council sent me back,he has made up his mind.

  6. Frances Glorian says:

    I know of two different people who had hearings with this joker of a judge! He told them both they could be “maids”. REALLY???? Sounds like a system to me. Same outcome – denied! Well, Ward, wonder what the next person’s denial reason will be – let me guess – they can work as a maid!

  7. Anonymous says:

    This Judge has NO clue about me and the PAIN I go through everyday, nor does anyone else who sees me due to the fact I have lived with this pain all my life and just because I do not SHOW pain does not mean it is not REAL!!!! He asked me one question about a past job and if this is enough to say I can work wow you need to reexamine the way you “JUDGE: people!!!!

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