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  1. Anonymous says:

    Judge Stanley actually listens to your testimony and his impartiality comes through. When my attorney failed to cross examine the vocational expert who testified in support of denying benefits, Judge Stanley asked the questions that my attorney should have asked. He could have just accepted the testimony at face value, but he probed in order to understand whether their testimony was truly relevant to my case. I was told by my attorney to expect it to take two to three months to receive his ruling. Three days later, his order was in my mailbox approving my benefits.

    He appeared to me to be a very fair and compassionate individual. I’m not saying this simply because he ruled in my favor. When I left his courtroom, before I knew what his decision was I told my attorney that regardless of the outcome, I at least felt like I was heard and that my hearing was conducted in a very fair manner so I could accept his decision workout feeling as if he was just going through the motions before rubberstamping another denial.

  2. stephani says:

    I was extremely nervous as i am very naive to this type of arena and the topics at hand. He was very professional and highly talented at extracting information while keeping me as calm and as ease as he could. I was very impressed.

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