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  1. Shalya McClure says:

    I went before judge Wendell for the second time. I went on June the 28th and I haven’t received anything yet but I hope that everything went well this go around. My health is not getting any better and I hop that he realized that this go around.

  2. Cd says:

    I just had my case heard by judge Fowler. Took all of 30 minutes. I’ve been told o won. The vocational expert was present via phone. And when asked she provided.. My attorney told me verbally that I won outside in the lobby… great listener. Amazing judge.

  3. Adelina Tantau says:

    Very good listener very understanding haven’t received my decision yet but Lord knows i need help my health is really bad all I need is help I don’t ask for nothing but help I pray he sees my need and help honestly speaking very good judge weather I’m approved or not Lord bless him and his family …

  4. Cd says:

    I go in front of this guy in October I see his approval ratings are good. I pray he sees my need for it as well. Anyone with advice?

  5. Denise says:

    I have not received my decision in the mail yet, but he was a very good listener and made me feel very comfortable. I pray that I am approved because lord knows I need my benefits. I am so stressed.

  6. Kaliyah Star says:

    He was a very good listener , he really seemed to care about others

  7. Kim says:

    He is very understanding

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