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  1. Donna H Summitt says:

    Years back, I went before this judge with cirrhosis of the liver, thrombocytopenia, low platelets, and dangerously low white blood cells. My doctor declared me totally disabled, but this judge couldn’t have cared less. My ssd denial said I was trying to scam the system. Since there was no appeal process after this, I gave up and was thankful my husband had a good job and insurance. Not long after my denial, varicose veins in my esophagus burst and I nearly bleed to death. Next was a liver and kidney transplant. Every provider I saw could not believe this judge ruled this way. This judge is hateful and has his mind made up before he even reads your records.

  2. Sandra Leclercq says:

    Judge Wendell Sims was Very nice and respectful to me. I just wanted to thank him for making me comfortable during the hearing. I haven’t got his decision yet but no matter how it goes. I still think he is a fantastic Judge.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Was very reasonable, respectful judge. Thank you judge sims

  4. Disabled person!!! says:

    Very unreasonable judge!!!! Very sarcastic !!! Asks a lot of questions not pertaining to disability !!! Cares less whether he’s wrong he thinks he’s right!!! He must’ve been bullied when he was a kid!!! Because now he tries to do all the bullying!!!

  5. michelle says:

    Awesome judge, my daughter suffers from bi polar disorder and has some
    Other mental disabilitys, she was denied two times and I appealed her case
    For the last time, and judge Sims got her case. He listened to her case and
    Throughly gathers the right information he needs, not only that, gave my daughter time
    To submit additional information before he made his decision. I Thank God for judge
    Sims, because he took the time to observe all records that were submited and Approved my daughter.


  6. Anonymous says:

    I had a hearing a few years ago with this judge, and it does not matter your disabilities or anything else, this so called judge already has his mind made up and not in your favor at all, and the V.E. is nothing more than a person that makes sure your screwed. So the people that say they got there disability no questions asked is total B.S..

  7. Anonymous says:

    I find it appauling yhat my husband who has had 2 back surgeries, a third of his large intestine removed and also has mental problems inspite working 32 years at the same job was denied ALL of his retro pay. We have been waiting 21 months for his disibility inwhich he paid into to omly be treated this way. Our attorney said that this was done because Judge Sims is trying to move up in office. So we being law abiding citizens have to sffer. We have has to eshaust ALL savings due to this exdessive wait and denial of his back pay.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Approved me right on the spot great judge. He was very friendly.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Approved me right on the spot with no questions asked at all. Great judge highly recommended. Thank you Judge Sims.

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