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  1. vernette r, thomas says:

    Dear Sir, My name is Vernetter Thomas my email address is cookieduckes87@gmail.com my phone number 754-243-6542. The Broward County Sheirff office is trying to service Judge Wendy Hunn and worker Mrs Myles. In the case of Fraud against vernette thomas at 7300 n.w. 30th place #241E Sunrise Fl 33313. There is a Motion and Notice of Hearing is in place. Instructions for Florida Family Rules of Procedure form 12.910 (a) This form should be used to obtain personal service on the other party when you begin lawsuit.
    Summons: Personal Service On An Individual. Service can be mail your or hand delivery. And since the staff here is avoiding open the door, and claiming that your office is close. the documents will be mail. to 500 East Broward Blvd Fort Lauderdale Fl 33394 Suite 1000, 10th floor Phone number 1888-436-2637 Hearing date April 7,2022 at 9:00 am and I request a video conference. Not a telephone conference. You will be serve by mail.

  2. Alex Yanes says:

    Judge Wendy Hunn very professional, very detailed and likes things detailed and on time . Want to Thank her for taking the time to understand the Disables issues and there needs. Sure every case is different.. All Judges should understand that dealing with the doctor and staffs and insurance makes things very difficult. We not only have issues with our disabiling condition we also have other problems that need to be dealt with , dentist , eyes , skin doctors so it’s very hard to deal with everything then having Anxiety and Depression on top of everything!

    Want to Thank Wendy Hunn from my daughter and I , Thank you !

  3. Jean says:

    Negative rating. If you have experienced abuse from Judge Wendy Hunn, contact Jean at jarvis7151@hotmail.com.

  4. GLORIA AMES says:

    The most unprofessional and least compassionate judge that ever existed.

  5. Anthony John Apanavicius says:

    I am a disabled veteran 100% unemployable status rated by the US Army & Veterans Affairs… took me close to 3 years to get approved for SSDI in November 2014, the VA social worker I had, was looking over my papers & told me to question their decision for onset dates, the US Army & Veterans Affairs had me down for February 2009, I was MED BOARDED while on active duty, so my completion/release date from active duty was September 2010. My social worker noticed their on set dates given were set for February 2014, she had advised me to question my local office as to why. That same day I did go question my SSDI case worker, she also thought it was odd, right month, wrong year… she stated could be a simple mistake, & she assisted me with an ‘appeal for on set dates’ it was processed in January 2015. I was already approved & collecting benefits at this time. I ended up moving to Florida to Oregon, in early April 2015. I did addr as changes & all. I was told by case manger Lisa on Oregon it should be any day, as they only take I believe she said 90 days. Still. Never heard anything prior to move. Then in June 2015 I received a denial letter for my appeal, I panicked & called local office in Port Saint Lucie, Florida. The lady on phone at local office pulled up a copy of denial letter sent to me. She told me to calm down, it’s only a denial for your “appeal for onset dates”, that if I go to 2nd page it states any benefits previously established would continue/remain the same, she said it was just for my onset dates appeal, that it can take a few times when I have time come down & she will help me re-file the appeal again. She confirmed my payments were all set with no interruptions. In October 2015 my payment never hit bank, I again called questioning, figuring maybe a holiday or something? I was told I’d have to come in to find out why, so I did, that same day. They had 2 people come & explain why. They stated it’s due to earned income, I asked what’s that mean? They said you are working… I explained no way I’m 100% unemployable, I can’t work… they said yes you are for a company called DFAS… I then explained what DFAS is, it’s the main payroll office for any & all military pay… active duty, reserves, retiree, & VA disability benefits, for all branches of the military… the guy then admitted was an error, he told me we can’t just flip a switch to reinstate, so I’d have to file for a “hearing request” so he helped me fill it out, with full explaination of what was going on, an error, I don’t worked & what DFAS is, he said it would be expedited since I’m a disabled veteran, & I should hopefully be reinstated within a month or 2, he doesn’t see why they’d waste time for a hearing for something so simple to fix, being an error & wrongful, he asked me why I hadn’t come in sooner when I got letter explaining I was going to be being cut, I told him I didn’t get a letter, he looked up in computer & said it was sent out, “oh wait” it’s scheduled to go out Friday, the Friday after I was cut/missing payment, I then asked so now how do I come in prior to clear up, if your letter is post dated to go out Friday, 2 days after you guys cut my benefits on a Wednesday… for another “oh crap look from both guys… I never heard anything, till January 2016, received a letter stating I had a video hearing date in February 2016. So I attended this hearing alone, no attorney, under impression I was going to clear a simple error showing I am not working & what DFAS is. At this hearing Judge Wendy Hunn never ever once asked about DFAS or earned income, instead it’s like they were avoiding the reason they had cut me off, & now trying to run it as a reconsideration case, they had teleconference in a mental health doctor who when Judge asked his opinion stated, his disability dates are February 2009 by the army & Va, you only sent me records from
    2009 & back… so based off these I couldn’t tell you, she asked him again I didn’t ask that all I asked is based off what you reviewed what’s your thoughts, he then again stated based off these medical records 2009 & back, they report his mental health at moderate at the time so
    I guess no… she then said thank you & hung up… she then questioned me on ADL’s & issues I have… I explained all, she kept mentioning my “wife” I eventually cut her off & corrected her, “my husband you mean?” My husband is listed on my claim as a dependent… so how they got “wife” to start boggles me, obviously people don’t actually review files prior to attending hearings… anyways, after I corrected her, got a dumbfounded look & nothing but sarcasm & attitude there after… I guess she’s not much of a LGBTQ

  6. Anonymous says:

    Although I’ve never met her I’m very grateful my case was handled by Judge Hunn.

  7. Laurie Cohen Otto says:

    She has all the attributes of an excellent judge: prudence, compassion and knowledge.
    Meeting her was an absolute pleasure, a person who I will always remember.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Very good ALJ. She is honest.

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