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  1. Susan A. Vollmar says:

    These are not judges. They are hired, trained and employed by the SSA and they are not impartial. They are paid murderers. My hearing didn’t go forward because they never sent me their records which I had demanded in writing 6 months prior to this sham. Instead there was some kind of a meeting where the judge and an internal medicine doctor from Boston continuously contradicted my medical records on the record. I was not allowed to speak unless I was asking the evil ignorant doctor a question. I have terminal cancer and let them know that I can’t get any treatment unless I am approved and I consider them to be my murderers. Now I am losing my home so I have to kill myself. I was robbed by the SSA for 41 years just to be left to die in agony on the streets by these mass murdering parasites!

  2. BM says:

    Had to go through this judge twice now for him leaving items out of his “process” though the second court date was just a circus at that point, lawyer was already upset we had this judge, the judge maliciously jabbed and attacked me at certain points, he was basically openly showing he was upset that he had to do this again and i wasn’t happy the first time, to the point that days after the trial i got a copy and pasted decision letter doubling down his decision the first time, take in mind at this point SSA determines it takes average 2-3 months at most 6 months, this was days after the court.

  3. Kendrick Johnson says:

    I don’t know how it will turn out I’m just hoping for best possible outcome he might approve me and he also might deny me but it was a pretty fair hearing I wanna thank my Attorney and the Judge

  4. C says:

    I recently commented on this judge and was wrong. I was denied benefits when I have proven facts of my disability and with the economic pandemic situation we’re all in I am at a very much higher risk than most people at risk of the virus. I have doctor records that prove my conditions and facts that support my reasons of applying for benefits especially during a world wide pandemic. I have Medicaid though another state that uses the same guidelines as the state I live in and yet I was still denied because I’m not a woman, woman caring for a child, a person caring for a child, an illegal immigrant, and because I am a white male. I take back my statement that says I believe this judge is fair because even though it definitely sounded like he was on my side, he obviously was not and I’m not saying this because I was denied, I’m saying this because I have a a rare genetic disability that I am not able to do a lot of work in my area because of respiratory issues and would automatically be denied a job position if I were to apply for like many of the jobs that I have applied to. My advice is if you live in Texas and need ssi and/or ssdi then I would move to another state because texas is a**holes. They will give it to you if your dead spouse received benefits for their disability issues, is you have a drug problem, you’re fat and won’t stop eating, and a lot of other issues that are not serious l

  5. Christopher F says:

    I had my social security hearing today by phone with judge William B Howard and I have been in this process of getting disability since 2016. I had a video hearing with another guy in 2018 and that judge seemed like he was against me and didn’t care but judge Howard was very very nice and considerate. He seemed like he actually cared about my situation and on my side. I have not gotten my decision yet but I really feel that he is going to approve me from how he was during the hearing. Even if it doesn’t turn out like I need then I can honestly say that he is fair and is a good man. I don’t think I could ever ask for a better judge, unless I get denied. The only thing I wished he would have done was ask me if I had anything else to say or if I had any other comments at the end of the hearing and I would have liked to been told a bench decision instead of giving me all this anxiety which is really getting to me.

  6. Anonymous says:

    I am scheduled to be in William B. Howard’s court for my disability case. I’ve already waited fourteen long months. Does anyone know why it is taking so long? What should I expect from him? Does he genuinely care about disability cases or is it just a job he has become numb to?

  7. Anonymous says:

    Thoughtful judge. Did not make me feel rushed and listened to what I had to say. I do not know the outcome for my hearing but at least I felt like Judge Howard listened and considered my situation.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Make sure you are very prepared and fully review every aspect of the record before going before this ALJ. Also make sure you have a brief/memo prepared for him to review prior to the hearing.

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