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  1. Judge Diggs went way out of his way to deny me my SSDI claim. He picked the tiniest, nit-picky rules to deny my case, even though, I proved Beyond A Reasonable Doubt that I was fully disabled! He stated that I was SEVERELY disabled in four categories, but then went with Teresa Trent’s advice that there were certain jobs that I could perform, even though, I have a difficulty driving, and have severe anxiety. My work credits were simply thrown out! They closed my case forever, without looking at ALL of the evidence! Judge Diggs has made my life a living nightmare because of his denial! He had ZERO empathy with me.

  2. Sherry says:

    Judge Diggs went way out of his way to deny me my SSDI benefits – I proved over and over again that I qualified in every possible way for my benefits, but he saw fit to deny me my basic rights, and thus, my right to live in this world! He ignored MANY important factors in my case, and the “vocational expert” was nothing more than a programmed robot, spewing out jobs that I could not possibly do if my life depended on it! Also, certain ethnic groups in this country are discriminated against in this country – I have lived here my whole life, and worked many years when I was able to! When he denied my case and the SS commissioner closed it permanently, he basically was telling me that I am not worth anything, and that I should just go away and DIE! Judge Diggs is not honorable, nor is he compassionate in ANY way! I am a dead woman!

  3. Anonymous says:

    I found William Diggs fair and reasonable and felt satisfied in his hearing of my case. He issued me a favorable decision about six weeks after the hearing. I had to wait two and a half years to get a hearing (though this wait time is not the fault of the judge). I felt all questions asked of me by Judge Diggs were reasonable and he was kind.

  4. BLANE RITCHIE says:

    Well just got denied, after 3 yrs of waiting and 4 yrs of not being able to work. I have found that this process is stacked against the citizens that have paid in their entire lives and when you need it they leave it up to a judge who doesn’t know the everyday struggles you endure. As a combat vet I love my country but I am slowly beginning to think it could care less about me.

  5. Kathie says:

    Judge Diggs, was very attentive, not throwing tuns of questions at random and seemed helpful and sympathetic. No negative responses about him.

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