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  1. Anonymous says:

    I’ve had several hearings with Judge Kumpe. He has a military background, is used to getting things done efficiently. He does talk quickly, often in short, clipped sentences and can use terminology and analogies that are hard to follow. I’ve had clients tell me after the hearing they couldn’t understand half of what the judge was talking about. Still, he’s always been very pleasant and professional in how he runs his court. He will do things like fire quick little questions to the claimant such as “What’s 7 x 25?” “What is the color of that wall? In that sentence I just gave you, what is the subject? What is the verb?” These are little tests that he knows will get unrehearsed answers and tell him what he needs to know about the claimant’s functioning. More often than not, when I go in for a hearing, the judge will do a brief questioning and then order Consultative Exams and will likely schedule a supplemental hearing. I get the impression he doesn’t think much of the DDS examiners routinely used and he often wants more accurate and thorough exams, especially where claimants have had limited medical work up. I think he’s a very fair and understanding judge.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Honest,efficient,no non-sense,fair,thorough and helpful. Explained process, and issues that determine his decision. Spoke very fast in legal-ese which made it difficult to follow everything.

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