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  1. Jacked up system says:

    This guy is a F*#king joke, I seem to think if you a minority he don’t give two shits about you. Just because you got the title judge, don’t necessarily means you know everything. A damn shame how you can pass out claims to people who barely worked, then help the people who actually PAID!! into this fucked up system and actually worked 20 plus years.

  2. Disabled Veteran says:

    This guy is a horrible nightmare!! He denied me and even my attorney was angry because he omitted professional medical records from VA doctors he made my attorney so mad he vented to one of his federal judge friends and the friend said he had a good case this judge shouldn’t be able to sleep well at night and wish we could get him off the bench from hurting people who deserve to receive their benefits and I hope he also read these reviews God is not please at all with you and you should be ashamed denying folks who really should be awarded a lot of his cases has went to federal court and they should be sick of seeing his cases come through

  3. Jennifer gardner says:

    I believe it was judge Sampson that overlookedy SSI claim. 2016-2017:@ the Vigo county social security office. I have never gotten my full amount of payment ever since. Living with a friend and that’s all. Judge Rader at the terre haute court said ” there is no such common law in Indiana” there is no sexual relations at all. Just him helping me out and that is it!! I know several people that are living together and having a sexual relationship and guess what? They get their full benefits. Nicole Whitaker over sees my case and is a one sided human being. Please help.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Even though, Judge Sampson has left Valparaiso, I’m still spending my days filing and winning briefs on his cruel decisions. Make no bones about it, some ALJ’s are incompetent. Some are mean. Some are lazy. Most try to do their jobs and make reasoned rational decisions.

    Judge Sampson is one of the mean ones. He is well aware what the correct decision is, but spends his decisions omitting facts and using tendentious logic. I imagine he will do much better in the 5th Circuit. Meanwhile, I’m just glad he’s not here to hurt my clients any longer.

  5. victim 2 the system says:

    Confused by his previous decisions. I went before him with supporting medical documentation that I had been unable to work for 3 years. Had tried and completed every possible alternative before filing for disability, including a spinal fusion, and had a witness testify as to the continued progressive advancement of my condition, yet he still rejected my claim. I spent almost 4 years unemployed, loaded up on prescription pain killers, sold everything that I possibly could including family heirlooms that will never be retrieved just to survive and still haven’t been approved. If this is what you call a fair judge and you can afford to live without employment or income than good luck he’s just the one for you. Or maybe I just had very poor representation. Oh well this is life, it beats the alternative.

  6. Anonymous says:

    This judge was very calm and nice. He let me tell my side of things. I’ve suffered in pain for so long. I hope he approve my case. I was very nervous bein there but there was a hot blond court recorder to look at and I felt less nerves.

  7. WP says:

    When I found out what judge would be residing over my remand hearing, I read these posts to see if he sound like he would be a fair judge. After reading the posts, I figured he might be fair. Either way, I was scared.

    Wow, he listened to everything I had to say! By the questions he asked, I knew that he had went through my paperwork with a fine tooth comb and he really showed the compassionate that I should have been shown by the previous judge.

    He is no joke and I believe that anyone that appears before him, will be satisfied with any decisions he makes. He seems like he is by the book, and he makes his decisions by the evidence before him and he will look into why something went south before the case came back to him.

    Judge Sampson, thank you so much for looking over my case and listening to me and my representative. God Bless You!!!

  8. Anonymous says:

    Very nice judge! New and younger. He will ask for a brief summary of severe impairments and argument at beginning of hearing, then he will ask most questions. Had five hearings with him today, two he told me on the record he found FF per GRID. Two of the others went very and he didn’t even go to the VE, but didn’t say OTR that he was granting, but should be FF. Seems like a very favorable judge, and pleasant to claimant and attorney.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Nice judge, asks for opening/theory of case naming severe impairments. Seems open to award if you have a good case. If you need to amend your AOD do so right a way and normally he will go with it. Very favorable if you have grid application. I had some weak cases with him, but awarded the 2 good ones I had.

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