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  1. Stephen Talty says:

    Briefly. I do not know Judge William E. Straub personally. I can only comment on his unfavorable decision reached on my daughter Collen Fisher’s Social Security Disability request. In Colleen’s case, Judge Straub’s decision was completely unfounded legally. His research was inadequate.

    It is tragic that Judge Straub did not consider the “applicant” Colleen Talty Fisher, who is afflicted with mental illness and has struggled with Bulemia, Anorexia, Alcoholism, Perscription Drug abuse and Bi-Polar Disorder since her teen years. Oh! By the way, she did not choose to be what she has become. She is mentally ill.

    Colleen was a vibrant individul and high school teacher at one time. Now she is completely dependent upon TSI, her mother and father and professionals who have chosen to provide her with the essentials she needs to survive day to day…

    Judge William E. Straub made a devestating decision denying Colleen Social Security Disability. She has attempted suicide and been hospitalized on 4 separate occasions since his decision. Yes! His adverse decision did in fact cause Colleen to become severely depressed. Perhaps someday he will reap what he sowed..


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