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  1. Jason says:

    I recently had a hearing in front of Judge Brown. I was extremely nervous and waited a long time for that day. Judge Brown couldn’t have been more understanding. He was very understanding and compassionate. I wish I could have shook his hand.

  2. R H says:

    Judge William Brown is an excellent judge! He is fair and very compassionate. I was very nervous and in much pain but he put me at ease. He is a brilliant man and made me feel as comfortable as he could. In the end he issued my decision from the bench. This made me very happy. I fought for so long but in the end a fair and caring man made the right decision for me. I thank and salute you sir!

  3. Colleen Insley says:

    I was scared and super nervous about my hearing, but Judge William Brown seemed very kind. I take a medication to keep fluid out of my ear, my side effects are that I am always thirsty all of the time. I felt distracted as my mouth was so dry, that it was hard to talk. My attorney arrived 15 minutes prior to the hearing, I also felt not prepared on what type of questions I would be asked, due to not having much time to prepare. I am glad my case is done and I look forward to seeing the outcome from Judge William Brown’s decision.

  4. Amanda R Thomas says:

    I was scared when being in the present of the Judge William G Brown.
    He was kind and made it a Little more comfortable then scary
    I Thank him for taking the time to hear my case and being fair
    About his decision.

  5. kh says:

    I was so scared about speaking in front of anyone, but the atmosphere in Judge Brown court was pleasant and straight to the points. I really liked the way he handle the procedures (straight to the point).

  6. Anonymous says:

    I was scared to death, but Judge Brown was very kind. He is the strong silent type who can read you, so above all else BE HONEST, if you are not this judge will see right through it. My hearing lasted less then 30 minutes, but a lot of information was covered during the time. I’m relieved to be done with court, and am thankful that this judge was very fair, and kind!

  7. J. Schedlbauer says:

    No clue if I got approved yet. I was so scared I was just about jumping out of my skin the whole time I was in there, but he never once made me uncomfortable. I thought in this type of hearing the judges would treat you like a criminal or a fraud looking for a handout but this was NOT the case with Judge Brown and I’m very grateful I went in front of him. Very kind and empathetic judge.

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