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  1. Grace J. Gniazdowska says:

    I don’t know why people say he is mean. He was the sweetest and most compassionate judge I have ever encountered. I was in court decades ago after a car accident (not caused by me) and if people think Judge Reamon is mean, they have not seen a mean judge. This judge at my hearing on Nov 30th 2017. was sweet, caring, very calming and very compassionate. I am glad I got Him. I have so many things wrong with me, from my head to my spinal cord and dropping things from my hands, my fingers painfully twisting when I try to close a button, or hold a fork, I am deaf in one ear from an impact to my head, I lose my balance, I walk holding onto walls because everything is spinning, the pain in my spine after standing or sitting for more than 10 minutes is so severe I feel like I am going to faint, I get horrible migraines daily from the trauma to my head, several per day, if one thing is not bothering me that day, another 10 are, many times when I stand just long enough to make a sandwich I can’t feel my legs and it feels like they will give out on me, the pain shoots down from my lower spine, I am ashamed I am so useless, but I didn’t ask for it and Judge Reamon seemed to know exactly how I feel. I would rather work, I think He saw in my eyes I have pride and would rather be a productive citizen. I tried so hard, made several attempts over the years to pay my bills and survive, but the pain is too excruciating and I lose jobs after a very short time “because I can’t perform the tasks required”, I was raised to be a productive citizen, All my years in school I had perfect attendance and perfect grades, I raised two beautiful boys to love our home, who fought in the line of fire for our wonderful US of America, they were each deployed twice. I married a man who hurt me physically, his favorite was pushing me down to the floor by my hair and kicking me all over with his steeel toe boots until I passed out, he abused me mentally, emotionally and verbally, when I was with him he never took me to the hospital because he was afraid of going to jail, I have severe PTSD and I couldn’t afford to go to doctors after I ran, so my condition remained untreated for all those years. I was raised that “your marriage vows are sacred”, but after 11 years, I finally made a decision to run and never look back. I was fine the first few years, I worked, hard, always took overtime, I was groomed and elegant and very professional, I walked into an office and got hired on the spot, but as my physical and mental damages started to kick in I just kept getting worse and worse. I would rather have a steady income and be independent, but life doesn’t always turn out as you plan it, and the damage to my body and emotional state just gets worse every month after month, every year since the early 2000’s. Besides all that, I have a cystic pineal gland, I was born with a heart defect and I also have Graves disease since I was a baby. My multiple conditions are deteriorating and progressive. I couldn’t even remember or focus on everything that is wrong with me at the hearing. One side of my face slightly droops and the doctor at the free clinic said she suspects I had more than one mini strokes. I live on over the counter pain pills, migraine pills, pills for my back, I have no meds for my heart, I can’t afford my meds for my graves disease and I go into a thyroid storm quite often, when I should be taking something every day, all the NSAD pain pills have side effects of their own. My stomach is completely destroyed. Thank you, your Honor, so very, very much, for treating me like a Human Being. May God Bless You every day for the rest of your life. I am so grateful You were my Judge.

    I left a review for the wrong person before because I couldn’t remember. After several head injuries I have a horrible time remembering things. This review belongs to the most Humane Man you could get at your hearing.

  2. Eduardo says:

    Even though my case would be probably denied like the last time since i heard that when they do not tell you that you are awarded disability the same day of interview 80% of the times would be denied, i say he was a fair judge to me and very passive and never a jerk like some said, he knew most of my medical problems and i can say he read my medical records well, even the 15 medications that i take and knew that most of them were for pain and depression, what happen most of the time we get very nerves and do not know what to answer and our lawyer just say what they want to say, if i was not depressed as much as i am, i would fight and represent my case , probably present a good case since i know better that anyone including doctors how sick i am.
    give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar 5 stars (please do not share my e-mail,thanks)

  3. Anonymous says:

    Aggressive – he was nasty, cruel and went on and on about things that had nothing to do with the case. Whoever or whatever set him off that day was taken out on me. The lawyer, court reporter and other person in the room were very uncomfortable with his behavior, they could not look at either of us. Thankfully after a few months of deliberation, the finding was favorable. I don’t wish what happened that day on anyone!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Passive/aggressive. Most of the time,he is a “.. very nice guy,” but the pressure of the job, on occasion, turns him into a real jerk. He decides cases on the basis of a good work record (favorable) or DAA (unfavorable). He does not follow the attending physician rule or the 20 CFR 404.1527(d) factors in weighing testimony

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