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  1. Anonymous says:

    For those people who are saying Judge Helsper isn’t rude and he just wants to make sure people that are being granted disability are TRULY disabled, you are all living in a fantasy land. This man is the most horrid, judgmental and dishonest judge I’ve ever heard about. He should NEVER have been put into the place of deciding whether very ill people who have worked for decades and decades, who have TRIED to keep working, even part-time, are truly disabled. He has no ability to be kind, caring, understanding, and to honestly look at the whole case before him and make an honest judgment. The fact that he had to actually LIE in my decision, makes me even more disgusted that this man has sworn to tell the truth and uphold the Constitution. I have almost 30 years of work experience and tried until the very last day I worked to keep my full-time job – heck, I worked since age 15! He has not once ounce of good character, or compassion, in his system and he shouldn’t be allowed to judge one more case. If you can have 4 specialists, PLUS THE VOCATIONAL COUNSELOR, tell this judge you are 100% totally and permanently disabled and there is not a single job you can do, then he still denies you, something is seriously wrong with allowing this man to judge one more case.

    Yes, I totally agree with being strict as a disability judge. I know several people in different states that recently got approved for disability, but they still hold down full-time jobs under the table. So yes, I think judges should be strict. But this man isn’t strict, he’s very dishonest and should never judge another case. I will get the news and law involved, I don’t care how sick and exhausted I am. I have to fight this man for all the other sick people that also get denied just on his whim if he likes you or not.

  2. Mr M says:

    He is not rude and is fairly friendly. But the disabled appearing at his bench is not likely to be approved anyway. His standard may be too strict for anyone trying to still function and be useful; in spite of the disabilities.

  3. Mr Surprised says:

    This judge is polite and somewhat nice. He will listen but even the disabled will likely be denied even when trying to blend with society and trying to help themselves the best they can.

    His standard of being disabled may be too strict.

  4. Uncertain says:

    He does have a fairly friendly personality but it is hard for the disabled to get approved, even when one still try to be useful somehow to society on some days. His viewpoint may be too strict in my opinion.

  5. Sad says:

    He is polite and does listen to you and your attorney. He may even smile at something you said right. But even the disabled will have a very tough time getting approved. This could occur when trying to maintain being useful for society in some way with the skills heshe still have.

  6. R Hinds says:

    I recently had Judge Helsper at my appeal hearing, and found that he is a fair but just. In my opinion he will help those who help themselves and meet the required criteria. However if you plan on milking your injury and continue to do nothing to attempt to rejoin the working society that you have been unable to be apart of your”barking up the wrong tree”.I personally hope all the judges are as keen on those who want or expect a free handout and see an injury as nothing more than a free ticket to laziness. If you think for one second you are going to sob story Judge Helsper into a favorable descision you better do yourself a favor and file your appeal now because he will shut your dreams of an early government paid retirement down and he and the other ALJ s should. Do your part to be a true ” working or attempting to work again American” he will do his part!! Thanks Judge William H Helsper for noticing someone willing to try, and trying to support his family even though they were dealt a bad hand

  7. Anonymous says:

    Usually nice during hearing but has a bad tendency to close his file before the rep completes all questions. It is obvious he has already made up his mind, but I always point out his actions on the record. It can’t make me lose any more with this ALJ!

  8. Anonymous says:

    This judge is not rude, but he just doesn’t think anyone is disabled.

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