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  1. Disabled User says:

    I found out my judge the day I had court and looked at the list and was very disappointed in who I had, based on reviews and ratings I didn’t think I had a chance. In court he was nice and focused on my medical records and my job service papers and voc rehab reports (from multiple counselor’s). My lawyer helped me a lot dealing with explaining things as I was VERY nervous. About 3 months later I got fully favorable and was in complete shock. I was happy cause he addressed my issues and noted how I had really tried to work and was unable to sustain gainful employment. I have to say he was very fair with me and I think as long as you show serious attempts at working he will respect you and give you a lot more “weight” on you being disabled. Again this was my personal experience.

  2. MM says:

    After MANY years of waiting and issues. I had been reviewing judges before my case and while I wasn’t told till the day of court who my judge was. I was concerned at the time if William Hafer would be my judge. He was actually fare and agreed I had made every attempt to work, and followed my doctors orders. He also took my information and combined it (as I had been seeking done in previous cases) and his determination for my case was clear and truthful I was pleased with his decisions and review. He does have a visional impairment but that doesn’t stop him from making choices. I will say “if your make serious attempt at working, and have a complete record of your trying as well as COMPLETE medical records then William Hafer will be fare with you.

  3. jcarr says:

    This judge is very mean, inconsiderate, and unfair. Trys to trip u up and doesn’t give fair hearings. Acomplete jerk and. A judge with a disability.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Please do not trust this ALJ. He appears to be nice but this is his avenue to try and trip up Claimant’s. He is blind but yet routinely has video hearings which is a joke. A Claimant’s appearance at a hearing and use of assisted devices should be something an ALJ should be able to see. He has developed a bias towards Claimant’s as a result of his blidness. I would give this ALJ a 0/10.

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