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  1. anonymous says:

    Judge is argumentative and controlling on almost every sentence spoken by everyone participating in the hearing.

  2. Sharon says:

    This judge is unfair lier racist nasty ass man. He denied my claim saying i webt to his doctors never did. Had a hearing over the phone dont know how my physical form looks. Hes just a nasty un fair white man that needs to be fired he dosent let any case be approved he dont let you speak hes rude he interrupt when your speaking i dont like him if i have to appeal again and hes the judge im forfeited it and starting fresh. Everyone in the disability is not nasty like he is. Ill start over before i see him again

  3. Sean Jenkins says:

    I had my hearing with Judge Hogan and he was surprisingly very fair and knowledgeable. He explained himself and his duties before we started so that I understood how the process was to be conducted. He during the call he pointed out some alarming things the attorney failed to do and granted my case a continuance. I’m grateful that he was open and honest with me about how in depth the process gets and granted me the continuance so I could have my case properly addressed. I was highly impressed with Judge Hogan.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Judge is very controlling. Would not allow you to talk without interrupting. Doesn’t have a clue about what medical treatment or diagnosis is. Agures the entire time. Keep cutting you off and will make you feel like you want to just end your life and have no hope. He doesn’t care about what he says to you under oath. And will belittle you about what you are going thru. This man has no remorse and will believe everything that the doctor who they send you to . Ask questions and before you can start to finish he interrupts and start talking about something else and jumps back to what he asked before and still won’t let you finish. A joke

  5. peter f mavropoulos says:

    judge does not know about people with pstd and chronic depression and anxiety needs to be fire aspa. and about degenerative joint disease.fibromyalgia syndrome. and osa. and chronic fatigue.polyarthralgia.paresthesia. spinal stenosis he does not know noting about med. he not doctor.

  6. peter f mavropoulos says:

    this judge hogan is **** need to go **** he is pos…he thing he a doctor.he need to be can..as human being he ***…

  7. peter f mavropoulos says:

    This judge is ****.he need to go **** he not a doctor he a pos…. he ***** as a human being what go round come round

  8. Anonymous says:

    What a ****. He didn’t know what was an “A1C” level in a diabetic claimant.

  9. Anonymous says:


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