1. peter f mavropoulos says:

    judge does not know about people with pstd and chronic depression and anxiety needs to be fire aspa. and about degenerative joint disease.fibromyalgia syndrome. and osa. and chronic fatigue.polyarthralgia.paresthesia. spinal stenosis he does not know noting about med. he not doctor.

  2. peter f mavropoulos says:

    this judge hogan is **** need to go **** he is pos…he thing he a doctor.he need to be can..as human being he ***…

  3. peter f mavropoulos says:

    This judge is ****.he need to go **** he not a doctor he a pos…. he ***** as a human being what go round come round

  4. Anonymous says:

    What a ****. He didn’t know what was an “A1C” level in a diabetic claimant.

  5. Anonymous says:


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