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  1. Ingga Smith says:

    He just denied my case and I need a knee replacement because I have a cyst in my knee I have bilateral impairments along with severe osteoarthritis. The vocational witness exclaimed I can obtain a job as a counter clerk one at a furniture store.

  2. Daniele McLean says:

    Judge Leland denied my case. I was 49 and had a long list of of health issues. Lupus, fibromyalgia, triple bypass and stents, spinal fusion, arthritis. He argued with the career person as to what I could do. She said I could not do any of the Jobs. He over ruled her and denied my case. As a result of this I lost all my doctors because I could not pay them. I struggle to live. I feel like a victim of his misjudged opion.

  3. salona banks says:

    I am currently waiting on judge Leland decision…as we were at the hearing he was soooo respectful, he actually was listening and even was apologetic as we both talked at the same time. Very polite…I wish we had more time for us to talk, even face to face.
    I at some point on Saturday wishes I could have called him..I was in so much pain and it hurts my heart that no one is here..I just needed someone to talk to..I ask like why does my back and knee hurt so bad. Like I done cried so from the pain sometimes tears don’t even fall from my face. I just really wanted him to be here to see how I have to make it through the day..I went to go to the washroom and fell because my knee was hurting. My baby girl began to cry with me, that hurt me to see her hurt and she wants so bad to make mommies feel better. Let me go knees hurting and I’m trying to find a position in this bed because I want to sleep here tonight..thanks for listening.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I am currently waiting for Judge Leland decision on my case. As far as the hearing went, I found the judge to be very polite in asking questions pertaining to my case. I thought he treated me fair and he also seemed to be well educated as far as the disability laws go.

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