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  1. Steve army oif 09-10 says:

    The first Judge I saw over a year ago had a approved rating of over 20%. This judge Well…. 34. Denial at 46% and dismissal at 20%. Meaning- GOOD LUCK PAL.

    I will say this judge seems knowledgeable. However, I provided several pages of documents from the VA over 1400 pages- and I am RATED 100 % DISABLED BY THE VA VA disabled. YET- SOCIAL SECURITY finds I can work. And this judge seems to find the same thing. So heres my options.
    I can appeal. Well—- Guess what, this veteran is going to appeal.
    I have provided stacks and stacks of documents. I read what your feedback said- you discredited my doctors. REALLY? People that talked me out of suicide. You never once asked me what I do in a day. I saw something in my review about cooking cookies. I haven’t cooked anything in over 9 months. I almost burned the house down on more than one occasion. And I don’t feed my dogs. You never asked me what I do. I sit and stare at the floor. People that reviewed my file said I grocery shop- I have not done this in close to a year. I do not leave the home only once a week to go to a apnt with the doctor. You said you had no evidence to support the claim of migraines. Well- request it? I can provide it.

    Your people discredited doctors at the va and the vet center. People that have degrees and are professionals and only treat vets with ptsd, anxiety disorder, and tbi- when I saw these people I was never told “Oh by the way the social security administration does not recognize us as creditable doctors?” WELL WHO DO YOU ? I AM RATED 100% disabled through the VA disabled for gods sake. What more do you need?

    I was told I can appeal my decision. Or file a new one. Well guess what- I am appealing. Its going to the feds to decide. I believe you were wrong. What is sad, is now….. I have to wait another year to hear something. Shame on you. And shame on that last judge. I had a lawyer. I had stacks upon stacks.
    Proof. Yet you said I could carry on a conversation. We met for what? A hour. Come to my home. Sit with me for the afternoon. Spend the day with me. Spend the night with me. Talk to my former employer.Talk to former friends. I have none now. But talk to former friends. Talk to my wife. Talk to my kids. Get answers. You would see- You made the wrong decisions.

    I hope you sleep well tonight.

    Karma is well- you know what

  2. Anonymous says:

    After an application process that lasted years, I had just about lost any hope of getting SSDI. I was very very nervous about the hearing, especially after reading the reviews about Judge Zellman on this site, but he was understanding and fair. My lawyer was a great help and support to me as well. I made it through the hearing and anxiously awaited the judge’s decision, which came a few weeks later. I was very grateful and relieved to have been awarded SSDI benefits. I wanted to write about my experience to give people hope who are still struggling. Don’t give up!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Appears all ALJ’s are afflicted with “mental conduction”.

  4. Anonymous says:

    he turned me down even with mental conduction

  5. Claimant Representative says:

    Thoughtful, considerate, compassionate, understanding. Stopped the hearing in the middle and awarded benefits on the spot. Being well prepared obviously bore fruit.

  6. Anonymous says:

    i agree. its so frustrating im a leg amputee, psoriatic arthritis, ptsd, i could go on and on. my denial stated there was no way i could do any past work i had done, but they had ONE job listed i could do i looked up the job code and it was a small parts seperator at a desk. any little thing to turn you down

  7. Anonymous says:

    It’s very frustrating. I wasn’t making a whole lot when I had to stop working. I didn’t need to though, as my wife made more then enough to support the family. I truly loved my last job, and the people I worked with. If I could still work, i’d be back there in a second. I told Judge Zellman that, and he stopped me, and said basically, that I was lying. I have yet to actually get the final decision from him, but my rep and I both know it’s denied. I just wish he’s hurry up and send it, so it’ll officially be done, and I can start over. Maybe with a real lawyer this time.

  8. Anonymous says:

    guys i feel your frustration, the last 3 years i worked i made a little over 50,000 each year. ive been trying since jan 2011 to get my disability and i just dont understand why any judge with a ounce of common sense would think i wanted to give up the lifestyle i had for 1,000 a month. ive been in front of a judge once and was denied now im on my second try yet i see people with hardly anything wrong with them who gets approved. again i dont get it

  9. Anonymous says:

    Agreed. He plowed me into the ground. Had his mind made up before I even had my hearing. I never had a chance, even with a lawyer.

  10. Anonymous says:

    He lies about things that wasn’t even said at the hearing, bring your lawyer when attending any of his hearings..

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