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  1. Cindy S. says:

    This man should be removed from this position. He’s arrogant and incapable of understanding things beyond an either/or mindset. He’s nasty and obviously insecure and has a level of petty that’s astounding and problematic. He shouldn’t be dealing with people’s, period . He’s a bully and it’s poorly disguised. He’s vile and not very bright or informed. The way he speaks to and demeans others when he feels threatened or what’s to make himself feel adequate is actionable.

  2. Kathleen James says:

    This judge does not understand anything about mental illness. He really needs to be educated about any kind of depression and anxiety issues! I have read that the number one disability is arthritis because it is the most prevalent. This is crazy! I believe he needs to read and educate himself I would advise him to read a book called an unquiet mind by Kay Jamison. He is playing with people’s lives and should not be a judge.

  3. Jurgen Smith says:

    Judge Pflugrath was very personable and treated me with dignity and respect. It’ was obvious to me, he and his team throughly reviewed my case in advance. I was very impressed with how he described my previous job as if he had once done it himself. He kept both my lawyer and the vocational expert on point. He made it easy and comfortable for me to testify and was extremely observant during the video hearing. Regardless of the outcome, I am very satisfied with how Judge Pflugrath conducted my disability hearing.

  4. Dee says:

    This judge is extremely thorough and frankly has taught me how to be a more thorough attorney. My client’s always walk away feeling heard and understood. If fairness was a person it would be him.

  5. Marvin carter says:

    Doesn’t matter me loosing or winning my case!
    What matters most is I was treated and respected like a human being from this judge.
    This I say is the truth. Respect of a person is worth more to me than gold!

  6. Sick of him says:

    What an ASS!

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