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  1. Tara Dendy says:

    On December 17, I had a hearing with Judge Ramsey and I was scared and nervous but he put me at ease. He listens and he allows you to tell him your case with respect. I was shocked at how much knowledge he had regarding my disability and that let me know that he understands not only the legal aspect but also the medical. Yes, I lost it and looked a total mess but I felt safe to put my guard down. There was hope. He heard my struggle and I am forever grateful.

  2. Kim says:

    I had my hearing this morning.
    I was extremely nervous and have no idea what the outcome will be.
    I felt it was important to review Judge Ramsey as he had been respectful, professional and fair.
    Whatever the outcome, I felt my hearing was fair and I felt like I had been heard.
    My only regret was not relaying my final words- I clammed up. I am not the best at articulating vocally.
    I wished I had ended on “Sometimes people just need some help getting through struggles and recovery- hoping that recovery will take place and I can re enter the workplace with a new start.”
    At the end of the day… I feel relieved to have had my story told.

  3. Melissa says:

    Today, I met with ALJ Ramsey, he was polite, welcoming, and made me feel comfortable. I totally broke down talking about all the past and on going medical issues. He was completely kind and offered tissues. The Voc Exp could not find one job I could do at this time. He made no decision at the bench. I will find out in writing, some time from now. Either way, Ramsey is stern but fair, cares but doesn’t want to be fooled. He will ask questions. He will listen. I liked him, he was a no nonsense type of guy. My suggestion is, you be on point with him and he will give you all the respect you deserve.

  4. Jason says:

    I wanted to say i had my heaing held on dec 2 2015 in front alj william ramsey i was extremely nervous he made things so much easier for me very kind and very understanding someone who understands what i was going through and feb 22 2016 i recieved my fully favorable decision i just want to thank william ramsey for his time and understanding win or lose hw[‘s great at what he does ty william ramsey for everything

  5. Anonymous says:

    Had my hear with this judge, in july 2014 i went for a closed period, he ask me a few questions, i answered honestly i was disabled for the period of time i was asking for and he gave me a ruling on the bench. He did his job end of story. Thank god i am able to work again, granted i cant do what i did before but i want to work so i will find something to fit my abilities.

  6. nicole says:

    This judge didn’t even look at all my medical I could barely walk and still denied me….HORRIBLE

  7. Anonymous says:

    The person above me is being unfair, you were denied plain and simple because you missed your appointment, this judge doesn’t approve of that type of behavior. I was told from the beginning that if I missed any appointments that he would dismiss my case. He is the head judge, a very fair man who made me feel comfortable. I received a favorable decision with a different onset date, but he really helped my case and would have received it from the onset date if I had sent him the proper paperwork, it was an oversight on my part, I cannot blame Judge Ramsey. I thank him and I know he has a low rating as far as approvals go, but he sort of sees right through the bologna. You can always appeal your decision from him. I’m very satisfied with his decision and thank him for making me feel comfortable in his courtroom and being a very decent human being as well as his staff.

    My suggestion would be, be prepared, don’t be dishonest and have medical documentations to back up your claims. He wants to see that you are following through with your treatment, otherwise he has to follow the law. Would I have liked a fully favorable decision, of course, but why would I begrudge a man doing his job because of my errors?

  8. John says:

    I just got home from my hearing. I wasn’t denied and I didn’t get a bench decision but I found the judge to be very fair and thorough. He asked the important questions and did his due diligence in finding the facts out. It lasted about an hour. I was with my attorney. She hit it out of the park. The vocational expert had his questions and a few jobs that I could do in his opinion. It’s just the process. Either way, approval or denial, I was satisfied. I can always appeal. My case was strong and had years of documented surgery and Doctors opinions that favored me getting SSI. Nothing in this world is guaranteed. You have to work on it and get an attorney and cough up a couple grand of your money. It’s not the judge, it’s you. If you were denied you’re case wasn’t strong. Point blank.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Although this particular judge heard me out and asked really good questions and made me feel very comfortable, at the same time he looked as though he was just speeding through my case. I had 12 years of paper work proving my case from a few doctors, amazing letters from my therapist and psychiatrist, DSS records and school records riddled with abuse- denied. The part I think that made it even more obvious that this judge WRONGFULLY denied me was that my particular disability that I have documentation of, 12-13 years of proof, and present day as well, I was actually a SSDI RECIPIENT FOR 4 YEARS FROM 14-18yrs old!!!!!! I only stopped recieving because of my disability, I was homeless and jobless and didnt keep my review appointment with the psychiatrist, who left 5 minutes early I later found out!!!! COMPLETE MISCARRIAGE OF JUSTICE AND PEOPLE LIKE ME WHO HAVE PAID INTO THESE BENEFITS ARE OUT HERE SUFFERING.

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