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  1. Mikaylia mccoy says:

    Well judge sharp has diened me for a total of 8 years and some months the law office told me it was him that keeps diening me don’t know what else to do my credits been paid in

  2. Thomas Krause says:

    during my hearing Judge Sharp followed close protocol, gave me ample time and latitude in speech, and seemed fair and equitable the WHOLE time. a good judge.

  3. George says:

    Judge Sharpe seems to be unfair in most of his denials of disability, see above. Case in point: I am a 100% disabled veteran and suffer from two major problems (not listed for privacy) accompanied by several complications from the two. The judge failed to follow several SSR rulings, Hallex directives, as well as Fifth Circuit legal precedent such as the Stone Decision (Stone, 752 F.2d at 1101) as required. Being Judge Sharpe’s approval rating is only 38% I would say it suggests a bias in many cases. Especially when he fails to follow the rules!

    Because of my disability determination from the VA the SSA is supposed to expedite its determination when a veteran rated at 100% total and permanent applies for disability. My case has been pending since May 2012; 5 1/2 years. It is now Dec. 26, 2017.

  4. Nicholas Watson says:

    I had my hearing 8-8-17 in judge William sharp court room he was a very nice judge he listen to the facts in my medical records. And made his decision i was approved on the spot i didn’t have to wait for a decision to come in the mail even though he doesn’t approve a lot of cases he is a super fair judge so if you find your self in his court room just tell the truth like i did and you should be ok thanks judge sharp

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