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  1. Callie Schraft says:

    I think William Spalo was a wonderful, fair and sweet honest judge. He listens to both sides carefully, he actually let me talk freely, somewhat, but that’s way more than any other judges. He was so sweet about my legs and my blood clots he actually got off the stand and helped me put my legs up! He was a great judge! He gets back to you with a decision within 30 to 40 days. He got back to me before 30 days. He was great. My other judge was so different! She didn’t let me say anything, constantly said my doctors were of no credibility which only hers were. She also took months to give me a decision! This judge listened to both doctors. Very refreshing and very friendly and makes you feel at ease considering most of us have been through so much already. I honestly think he is great. Winning or not, I would say the exact same thing, no matter my outcome. I couldn’t have asked for a better judge. He really seems to care a lot about people. I wish I could thank him for being so great! He is wonderful at his job.

  2. Kay says:

    I read the comment above about trickery. I certainly agree. He is very unfair and he makes It to where your own attorney thinks it’s going good, when in fact it’s not. If the V.E thinks there’s jobs for you then you’ll lose your case. Period!! Even if you can’t preform it with your limitations.
    William Spalo, doesn’t even take your own Doctors opinion into consideration, if they believe your disabled. He will pick apart their opinion and medical evidence. He will also twist your words around. Also, make sure when they send you to their Doctors that they document your limitations. If they agree your disabled, It must be in writing why? They may not even help your case. It seems to me that he does his job anyway he can to deny your claim. Hopefully, my friends attorney appeals his ruling.
    In his ruling they’re so many discrepancy. I can’t believe he’s still a judge.

  3. Alec says:

    I have not received my judgement yet but Judge Spalo and his assistants had the room at ease.. He asked questions and got an understanding of my serious condition… In which I pray is justified.. My lawyer and I have an understanding and I feel the truth Will set me free…

  4. WRIGHT says:

    very good judge to me.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I pray anyone who gets this judge reads this. This Judge asked the VE in my husband’s case one hypothetical question about having to elevate his feet. The VE said there were no jobs. This caused the lawyer to not cross examine. Well the judge denied his claim saying he didn’t believe he was being truthful about the intensity or persistence of his pain and need to elevate his feet. So no other limitations were addressed such as missed work due to his pain condition etc. Three years we’ve been going through hardships and our shot in court was stolen from us because the judge used trickery and the lawyer fell for it. This judge is here to deny claims and he’s good at it! Our family is broken. Be aware and make sure your lawyer is aware

  6. Scott says:

    What can I say ,17 thing wrong with me,and this ALJ set and lied any way he could to stop me from getting SSDI,have worked 33 years at back braking jobs,and when no one will hire you because of the bad shape you are in Very sad that this is how we the people are treated this ALJ needs to step down and retire

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