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  1. amclendon says:

    Judge Owens is VERY thorough, but very fair! He is an excellent Judge in my opinion. As long as the claimant is honest and the rep is prepared, you have a good chance! He does numerous lengthy hypotheticals and asks for the rep’s legal theory before testimony.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I’ve had one hearing with this ALJ. He was very professional, calm, and gave claimant a very fair and complete hearing. His award rate has come down a bit over the last year. He will ask some general background questions and then will give you specific direction on how he wants the medical testimony developed. He asks a full range of hypotheticals. He ended up denying this claim for lack of supportive medical but it was still a very fair hearing and a well reasoned decision.

  3. Bambie says:

    Very nice, took my conditions and feelings serious. Used all my Doctor’s reports instead of ce exam report.
    Made me feel relaxed and at ease.
    VE at hearing was also considerate.

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