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  1. Zane Gutierrez says:

    She ignored all of the medical experts and formed an opinion based on her own personal opinions, a travesty.

  2. Discarded says:

    Just received my unfavorable decision from Judge Elias.
    Her decision process was erratic and biased without any consideration for the actual medical diagnosis.
    She used the opinions of doctors who have no actual medical experiance in the field of medicine needed to make a proper diagnosis.
    She used 2 medical opinions from two M.D.s who never actualy met me or knew any thing about me other than my name.
    She stated in her opinion that the medical evidence provided by 2 specialist in the field of medicine specifically related to my disease were ” we will not defer or give any specific evidentiary weight to any prior adminstrative medical findings or medical opinions from your medical sources.”
    She then claims that the 2 doctors with zero expertise, one an opthamologis or an eye docter and two, a G.P who was reprimanded by the Arizona medical board for Failing to recognise a Tachycardia event in a patient. Or laymens term a heart attack.
    So the expert medical opinions of 2 doctors with Zero eperience in making medical decisions on disease or disabilities they have no experiance in, out weighs the medical experiance of doctors who have dedicate there lives to specializing in..
    These specialists i had to see to get the medical tests from, were requested by ssa to substantiate my medical condition in order to file my claim for disability.
    Her decision to ignore actual evidence and make an opinion using failed logic is disturbing.
    If a judge used this same logic path in a criminal trial the legal system would protect the accused.
    But it seems in a hearing for disability there is no form of protection or law that states all evidence provided must be used and that any expert testimony must come from an actual doctor who specializes in the field of medicine required to make an actual diagnosis.
    As it is today ill be requesting an appeal through my attourney as well as contacting my state representative to investigate Judge Elias and her opinions over the last few years to determine weather there is any bias or discriminatory practices .
    I followed the leter of the law in starting the disability claim, i followed the requested visitations and appointments with the specialists required by the SSA to show medical evidence of my disability , and when the medical evidence showed the diagnosis for the disease stated in the claim for disability
    She chose it ignore it and discard it an myself without any thought to my situation.

  3. terri says:

    Judge Elias used many partial statements so it would appear to mean the opposite of what the actual full event was so it could be used against me. If the entire statement was used in context, it would have been in my favor. She did this several times throughout the decision process. She said I had therapy that I did not. Medical records verify that. Even omitted statements from the vocational expert that were in my favor. Obviously my case was denied because of her false statements and half assed statements. Why have a vocational expert if you’re going to ignore him. He said there was no jobs for me given my conditions when my lawyer asked. She must of had a hearing problem during that moment.

  4. jerry says:

    Judge yasmin Elias was the judge at my hearing she was very nice and very professional a give here 5 stars

  5. John G says:

    She is coming to Tucson.

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