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  1. David says:

    Judge Diamond is to be avoided at all costs. The favorable reviews listed her must be planted or fake because everyone else’s experience with her has been negative. How she is allowed to remain a Judge I ahve no idea.

  2. Lashaw Ober says:

    No comment yet

  3. Anonymous says:

    This women should be removed from her chair I’m a hundred percent disabled from the military and have a letter from my doctor stating I can’t do my job anymore because of my back injury and unemployable from va . I got denied she is horrible pathetic piece of a human

  4. John k says:

    I hope she noes about the brave act for me the veterans administration said she should

  5. Anonymous says:

    Judge Diamond is grossly unfair and biased. It is horrible she sits in judgment of those seeking disability relief, given her extensive biases. I feel sorry for her. Yeah she denied my claim and I have congestive heart disease, coronary artery disease, and spinal disease including spinal stenosis. A special place in hell awaits this horrible jurist.

  6. Gloria says:

    I had a video hearing in front of Judge Diamond 3 years ago. She treated myself and my rep with respect and was very fair. She asked questions about parts of my case that needed to be explained and about how my disability affected my life. These are obviously things she needs to do to make a fair decision. I answered all her questions truthfully without trying to think how it might affect her decision and I could tell she respected that. for example: sometimes I am able to do certain things (shopping with my husband helping me) but most of the time I can’t. I am not completely bed bound and would never try to pretend that I was. She had already read my case before the hearing and knew what area’s she wanted some extra info on. We even had a short conversation about our dogs, after questions from her about any pets and how or if I could care for them. All in all I can not understand any of the bad reviews she has received from people here .. all I can think is maybe they tried to pull the wool over her eyes as even though she was very nice it is clear she is no one’s fool and knows her stuff. I was approved but even if I had not been, I could not have given her a bad review as I was treated well by this Judge while she was doing her job.

  7. Racheal Farbrother says:

    Judge diamond will confuse and manipulate the facts in order to deny you. She is rude and disrespectful. In my husbands case she twisted the facts and wrote the total opposite of what was said at the hearing. If I could give her a negative rating I would.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Judge Diamond is thorough and methodical. You can tell by the questions she asks that this judge reviews everything prior to the hearing. She gives the claimant an opportunity to comment when there are differences between the testimony and the written record but makes it clear that she expects them to be truthful. She is soft spoken but tough and fair. Judge Diamond expects reps to be prepared and does not like when they repeat what has already been covered.

  9. Anonymous says:

    She is down right abusive verbally. She is not a doctor and despite 4 doctors testimony denied my case. I had 2 IMEs that said I couldn’t work and she chose to disregard them. How does she get away with this. She needs to get knocked off her high horse and get a job as a botton counter. She has no business being a judge because she thinks everyone is lying. She should be held accountable for her actions and the many lives she has ruined.

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