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  1. Randall Geers says:

    Dear Alton IL Social Security Administrator,

    I am a 60 Year Old Male applying for SSDI disability after recent medical complications. I have collected the following items that are all prepared and scanned into computer form for easy ziplock compressed email or I can provide to you a thumb drive delivered to you in person:

    1) A health disability statement
    2) Work History
    3) Honorable Discharge DD214 Military Papers
    4) Birth Certificates as US Citizen
    5) College Diploma
    6) All Permanent Medical Records
    7) Drivers License (Not Scanned)
    8) Social Security Card (Not Scanned)

    I am trying to locate the correct social security office. I can also show original copies of these items. I can email to you these items for examination if given an email address.

    Please, advise by email or call me concerning what else is necessary that you could possibly need for my investigation. Please contact me at your most appropriate convenience and I will try to accommodate your schedules.

    Thank You,
    Randall Geers
    Ph. 314-461-2043
    Email: geersrandy123@gmail.com

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