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  1. I am trying to check the status of my application. it seems it was supposed to have been done months ago but it has not and would like to know what is holding it up. Did i not turn in something? I know i have turned in every paperwork that was sent to me,

  2. Dennis Dowling says:

    Trying to get a hold of Ms Wise? extension31203, After numerous calls to United Health Care and 3 calls plus document sent confirmed received and acted upon but has NOT
    forwarded to United health Care that I have paid All funds required and will be eligible to Continue with United Health Care for 2022.
    this process was started in October, funds paid in November , Claim accepted that the problem now is Social Security South Austin Administration not FORWARDING to,
    United Health Care.
    408 416-8907
    Left a message on the phone to call me back, at 1:30 an hour and a half ago.
    Please respond: i am without coverage of all Medication as stated in Medicare B, I am waiting for a return call, Tuesday 2:09

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