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  1. van crosby says:

    I have made several calls to the Bradenton SS office. I recently moved my cancer care to Moffitt in Tampa, and I am living with family in Bradenton as of late December 2020. After making several calls to the Bradenton branch, I have yet to have been able to speak with a Claims Adjuster. My first call after I asked, the woman answering the phone said tell me the problem, after explaining my situation in detail, she tells me “I don’t know I just answer the phones.” Then went silent for two minutes and said I should receive something in the mail. The second time I called (ask for an adjuster) was Friday the 5th at 12:38, and received the same individual I believe. I have terminal cancer with a very short window an was frustrated with the different information I’ve been told. I don’t believe this woman is an adjuster, she got very angry with me, I asked her not to raise her voice, soon after this she hung up on me.. I appreciate my application was done quickly and not taken the typical 3-4 months for a disability claim. Social security tells me I cannot work for two months before I apply for disability, then, wait a possible 4 months for a decision, and if you are accepted as disabled, wait another 5 months + 1 more month to receive your first check. All the time with zero income, incredibly high insurance because you are not allowed to work. A mortgage, utilities, car payment and insurance, food, all to receive half of what it takes you to live on. I was forced to sell my house, give everything I had away and move in with family. I was found by your office to be officially disabled as of December, 1 of 2020. I have each month since then, mounting medical and financial obligations. Now I am told there is some ambiguous 6 months I have to wait after being declared disabled, to receive MY money that I will not live to see from my social security, given to me in the form of disability? That even though as of December 1, 2020 I am legally disabled, I will receive ZERO funding for December through May until my first payment in June? This is not what I was told or read would be the situation. The fact that I was hung up on by your office was not only unprofessional it was the gut punch I really didn’t need. For anyone who wakes up one day and is told you are terminally ill, you physically will not be able to care for yourself, get rid of everything you own, and now that you are disabled and cannot provide for yourself after 56 years, you will need to wait 7 to 9 months to receive a small portion of your social security, I hope your bills are not to high by then and you actually live long enough to see your first check. This is an absolute disgrace. I hope you tell whoever hung up on me, that the people in my situation who call in, are looking for some help and answers, not someone who yells at them and hangs up. Maybe she should spend a day in my shoes, or maybe she should find a different job.

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