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  1. ronald brown says:

    I was sent a letter saying they would stop my SSD FUE TO BELEIVING THAT i WAS STILL WORKING. AGAIN i CALLED THE OFFICE NEAREST TO ME and got the paperwork I needed. again I filled the form out 821, and would like to drop them off at the office nearest to me. I also had my job premier security fax them a letter showing the dates of my employment whic were from May 2019 to Aug the 31/20. I pray that with that being done they will restart my SSD, as I need my funds to live, pay rent and other important bills. which are due NOW!!!!! Please help me as soon as you can as me and my family are suffering as we wait for the corrections to be done.

  2. ronald brown says:

    I have paperwork I need to give to a worker at the nearest office to me, the forms I printed out and filled out. the paperwork has to do with the fact that I’m no longer working and have’nt been doing so since Aug the 31/20. they stopped my SSD due to thinking that I was still working. And the paperwork will show that I have’nt been.

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