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  1. hi, social security in fort worth Texas 2901 Altames Blvd fort worth Texas 76133. the social security have a Appointments with me in February 11, 2021 to see if iam Eligible for new benefits. hi this is Mr. Dewayne BERNARD English. i was diagnosed with gynecomastia pain in Male left breast tissue. i apply for my potential risperdal claims with andrus Wagstaff and moody law firm’s. the Attorneys that lead my case and claims name Jamie Casares-866-795-9529 they solve my case and claims. the social security administration board help me do new.upate application summary for Disability insurance benefits. on September 18, 2018 they talked with me about completing my application for social security benefits. they stored my information electronically in my records. they enclosing my summary of my statements. i apply for a period Disability and/OR all insurance benefits for which iam Eligible under title II and part A of title xviii of the social security Act as presently Amended. my social security number is 461-950558 date of birth 01/04/1983. I am a citizen of the United states. iam became unable to work because of disabling condition I am still disabled. the State of Arkansas Disability Determination for social security administration 701 pulaski street little rock, Arkansas 72201 toll-free-1844-455-2755 October 5, 2016 ASA Hutchinson Governor and Arthur Boutiette director. The State of Arkansas saying that Due to the significant increase in Disability claims filed throughout the Nation , the social security administration had established a Process for Disability Determination services in different states to assist one another with workloads. the Arkansas Disability Determination services is currently assisting my State Disability Determination services with Disability case Processing. my Disability claims is being reviewed by the Arkansas DDS, an Agency that makes medical Determination for social security administration. they notified me for my Disability claims is still being reviewed to decide whether Dewayne beranrd English remains Eligible to receive monthly benefits. states of Arkansas is now ready to Process my review. Re: case#: 1724067 site code DMA case:y. the social security administration supplemental security income social security 2901 Altames Blvd, Texas 76133-5803 date January 28, 202. the social security Altames gave Mr, Dewayne beranrd English new.upate Appointments on February 11 2021 at 11: 00 on that date they wrote to me it is very important letter about keeping my supplemental security income ( SSI ) they said please read carefully. if there is anything that i don’t understand , please get touch with them right way. yes iam applying for my SSDI benefits claims. jun 3 2021. date. iam in a programs call True mental health services. address is 6800 Manhattan Blvd 500 fort worth Texas 76120 my case manager / case workers is my Doctor’s helping me write a letters to the Altames social security board about my case and claims INCREASE my benefits and getting enrollment into Medicare part A and part B programs for Disability benefits. on my behalf iam given the social security board permission contact my Doctor’s mrs, Sarah and case manager. office PHONENUMBER is 817-856-2232 or fax number 817-873-6607. my nurse name is Jessica her number is 469-941-4029 and fax number is 866-803-8759 address is Hephzibah visiting cliniclans 111 Executive way 102 DESOTO Texas 75115. my insurance company is amerigroup resolutions primary care provider (PCP) V, ROY (PCP) telephone # 817-289-8300 pcp address 512 w rosedale fort worth Texas 76104. mother Karen a English my father’s Mr Dwight Jones and al gooden. PHONE number is 817-333-4646 her help mate is her brother my uncle Charles ray Wiggins i give permission on my behalf to speak to my family’s for more information and documents about INCREASE my monthly benefits payments. THANKS for listening by dewayne.

  2. Carol Arrant says:

    15 year old grandson needs replacement of SS card in order to obtain job and drivers training permit. Is this the address to send request to?

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