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  1. Roger Etheart says:

    What can I do social security will not grant me back pay I was hit by a drunk driver insurance company has not paid me one penny since my accident they have not paid my medical bills and instead of getting my back pay from Social security they give me barely $850 a month that’s all I lived on since my accident what can I do AAA insurance says if I contact them they’re going to call the police I go to Social security hearing and the judge says I’m not disabled I have a dozen doctors that say different what can I do I’ve been sitting here waiting and nothing’s getting done

  2. Roger Etheart says:

    Back in 2017 you made an appointment for me to see one of your doctors to determine if I was disabled the doctor pronounced me disabled with an injury called lince Frank I went to the hearing to determine my disability I filed for back pay and did not get it because the judge determined I wasn’t disabled fountain valley Social security office removed my legal representation so they wouldn’t show up for my hearing till today the only thing that’s been accomplished is that Social security office in fountain valley is removing money out of my SSI my car accident was in 2005 I was hit by a drunk driver Social security refuses to pay me my back pay they still say today I am not disabled I’ve done everything your office asked for and I have gotten nowhere except having money taken out of my social security what am I supposed to do now I filed for disability for unemployment and haven’t received anything yet I hired a law firm Myler disability to represent me in Social security removes them so I show up to my hearing without legal representation and the judge determines I’m not disabled I’ve done everything you’ve asked

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