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  1. This is Donald e Feldman Jr I had my appeal I have chronic late stage Lyme disease the most advanced case in Mississippi that’s known of I lose consciousness the neurologist said it’s what made its way to my brain I have parasitic bacterial fungal infections my feet crack open so I can’t walk I have ulcers I have two orange agent element my dad was a Vietnam war veteran I have diabetes type 2 asthma emphysema COPD all recorded on set I am very sick the judge told me after two and a half years that he was finally going to get me help Mr Feldman everything was on the open up for me to finally start receiving some treatment to prolong my life well it got denied again even my attorney who handles disability for a living was blown away because they went back on what they said I have nowhere to live now because I made decisions to relocate with my back pay money which is hardly nothing to survive off of now I am beyond devastated my anxiety I’ve had to be put back on high dose of Klonopin I’m having to panic attacks again the chronic high blood pressure about to have a stroke now a brown boy that I went to a school with he’s on SSI because of anxiety now here I am with multiple incurable diseases who’s dying who y’all have sent a Medicaid card y’all have told me you’re going to get me help finally only to deny me again I’m fixing to get the church and this is not a threat it’s just to let you know the church all in Mississippi loving action of mission a district attorney is going to notify a letter on my behalf and we’re fixing to flood y’all with marches down there because we’re going to get me some help to prolong my life because this is not right I’m not racist but black lives matter but so do white lives and when I suffer like this and y’all will not get me any help and this is what y’all are here for because it don’t come out of your pocket the government pays for it so for you to be denied this is what’s going to happen when I carbon monoxide commit suicide because y’all won’t get me any help and help me like you do the rest of the people especially Brown then I’m going to make sure that my body is on the steps the loan of Hattiesburg and it’s going to be all over the world all my conditions charted what I go through and y’all with the gun in your hand who killed me because you might as well because I’m not going to do this much longer I’ve suffered all I can suffer and it’s on y’all’s clock now the bloods on y’all’s hand good day and the lawsuit to follow that because I will be deceased will go to every single white male who and has multiple conditions who’s dying for help who won’t receive the treatment he needs in time it goes to them and their families and if it can be taxed out of your salary good day and may God bless

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