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  1. I want to notify The Henderson Ky. SS Office that my Step-father has died in hospice .. 5:21 a.m., Dec.27th, 2020 . His name…Oscar L. Turner His social security no. was 403-20-4557. His mailing address before he passed was at my location. He himself resided at ST. ANTONYS Hospice on ELM and 13th Street. I am his Step-son and was co -power of attorney with my wife. I am Larry R. Denton and my wife is Wanda J. Denton. WE reside in Evansville In. at 2920 S. Weinbach Ave.. 47714. Please end monthly Soc. Security checks sent to his Old National bank account as of Dec. 31st 2020. Oscar was 101 yrs old and was a Covid 19 victim. Death notices have not arrived but I think you will receive one automatically when they get here later. To avoid paperwork and complications ( I am 82 yrs. old) please do not send a S.S. check for January or henceforth. I am Larry R. Denton 405- ** -3400 Please send notification that you received and acknowledge my communication. Several attempts were made to handle this at the local level by phone, all ending by being cut off in the process ,or faulty hook-ups. I am going to try to contact you one more time today by phone with this same information message

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