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  1. Monica Eaton-hill says:

    On the 23rd of March at 4:01pm central standard time, I received a call from whom stated was a rep for the social security administration. This rep stated that her purpose for the call was to update the income verification of my now adult son McGill. about 4 minutes into the while asking me the last time, he worked she yelled out to a child by the name of “London” telling her that “her daddy was here”. Jokingly the rep and I shared a laugh as I asked if she was really a rep for Social Security working from the house and if so how could become one too. A little later in the call Id made a statement to my daughter joking about the need for the income update and that’s when the rep became extremely aggressive yelling things like.
    1.” I will not accept disrespect”
    2. “I’m just trying to do my job”
    3. mam I don’t have time for this and don’t want to hear it… and lastly, ” I’m putting you on hold”
    Confused by the allegations and what was transpiring, I began to try to explain the misunderstanding, however it appeared the more I tried to apologize the more enraged she became with her accusations of threat towards her. It was then that I paused tried to gather my composure and bring to light what was happening, so I apologized again and then she abruptly placed me on a hard hold. During this hold I decided that it would best if I just hung up and called in myself to verify the rep and her need to call and gather the information she acquired, it was at this time that I felt violated, confused, and concerned about the privacy of my information as well as the depth of her unprofessionalism.
    If you would be so kind to pull the recordings and confirm that this was a rep for your company Id fell so much better about the ordeal knowing that I didn’t just give away such info, I’d also like the rep to take her position a little bit more seriously and adhere to the customer service protocols emplaced by her authorities if ever she has to phone me again.
    Thank you in advance. M.Hill mother of D.McGill

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