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  1. Karol Johnson says:

    The biggest concern I have is, already ben put into ,motion. The people that need healthcare can’t afford it and wont be able to get it..
    Here is a little story already predicating what 50 years is going to look like. People will suffer and starve. The rich get richer and the poor get well you know, kicked to the curb. It goes on now.
    My son has a disability. He was on disability about 4yrs until a Dr. that disability sent to see him, he did not know my son from Adam. He spent 15 minutes or so with him and in that period of time he felt he had all the knowledge needed to take it away. Reason being ” he did not go to the doc enough”. ” No paper trail” !! He saved the govt money and did not get hooked back up on drugs!! Now I consider that win in my book, yet he is being punished for it. Seriously??? C’MON
    You see, Jared had been
    hooked on Opioids and didn’t want that again. That was why there is no paper trail leading back and forth to the doctor offices. Does he hurt? Hell yes he hurts and he tries to ride it out with OTC meds, pain creams etc. exercises and rest. He had a R) total hip replacement which was a complete disaster, when he was 28 years old and is going to need the other side done because of what he put the left one through.

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